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Bangs Hairstyles for Face Shapes

Hairstyling has manged to evolve greatly over the past decades as a variety of new and interesting hairstyles have been developed. Bangs hairstyles have been popular since they first appeared so learn how to determine what type of bangs to create on you lovely tresses.

There are a variety of available bangs hairstyles for face shapes, so every woman can benefit from the amazing results created by bangs. There has always been a high level of attraction revolving around bangs and it is not difficult to understand why. The interesting and easy look that bangs can create can benefit all face shapes as there are a variety of hair cutting techniques which can help create different bangs styles.

Bangs benefits

The benefits given by bangs are highly visible as the aspect of a hairstyle is instantly transformed. Bangs are also capable of concealing certain facial flaws like a wide forehead. By implementing bangs into a hairstyles one can improve physical aspect in a matter of minutes. Choose the bangs style that suits your hair type and face shape better so your hairstyle will emphasize all your best facial features while concealing any flaws.

What types of bangs to choose?

Choosing the exact type of bangs for your face shape should not be such a difficult thing to do especially since there are a variety of ways which are meant to help determine proper hairstyles like hairstylists, books, articles and virtual makeover programs.
Before choosing the bangs that will be incorporated into your hairstyle, determine if the bangs will suit your facial features, hair type and hair length. All these are characteristics that are of great importance. Each will have it's own impact over the resulting bangs hairstyle.

Type of bangs:

  • blunt bangs are the bangs that are cut in a precise straight across the forehead line

  • side swept bangs are the bangs that suit most face shapes as they are cut in an angular way from one side of the face to the other. Side swept bangs have an oblique appearance

  • choppy bangs are the bangs that are cut in a way that gives them more texture

  • wispy bangs are cut in a way that allows the bangs to gather into small hair strands for a very interesting look

  • asymmetrical bangs which are cut in different shapes without any symmetry

  • baby bangs are cut short style bangs that cover a minimum area of the forehead

  • What bangs suit your face shape?

    Try to keep count of what your facial features need before choosing a bangs type. Here are some tips that might make your choice much easier:

  • oval face shaped women are considered to be the face shapes which can pull off any type of hairstyle, thus any type of bangs will benefit your style

  • round face shapes women should try and opt for side swept choppy bangs as they will help soften your facial features and distract attention from the faces roundness

  • square face shaped women should opt for wispy cut side swept bangs which will help soften the faces appearance

  • hearth face shaped face women should definitely choose side swept bangs. Choose choppy bangs if you wish because side swept bangs will help diminish the appearance of width

  • long face shaped women should definitely opt for blunt cut brown skimming bangs. The bangs will help diminish the length and create a beautifully framed face shape

  • for small foreheads choose baby bangs as they will help create the illusion of a wider forehead

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