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Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Every face shapes require a certain cut which will emphasize the facial features best qualities. Find out what round face shapes need from a haircut so you can adapt your hair and look stunning every time.

The best hairstyles for round faces are meant to bring out the best in you and conceal certain flaws. No one is perfect but hairstylists can make your hair look close to perfection if the right cut is implemented. People have different face shapes and each face shape has certain characteristics which can be emphasized through different haircuts and hairstyles.

How to determine if you have a round face shape

Each face shape has it's own characteristics which can help people determine their what classification they pertain to. There re a variety of ways through which one can determine the face shape and one of the easiest is by looking in the mirror, pulling back your hair and observe the characteristics. Round face shapes are characterized by:

  • the widest point of the face is around the cheeks and ears

  • the hairline features a rounded line

  • the chin features soft, rounded lines

  • These are the characteristics of round face shapes so if all of them help create a description of your facial features, your face is clearly round.

    How to choose the best haircut for round faces

    Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape is not an easy task if you are not aware of what are the best features of your face shape. The best hairstyle for any face shape is menat to emphasize the best facial feature while concealing the flaws.
    Round face shapes need haircuts which will emphasize the softness of the facial feature without emphasizing the width. Round face shapes are already wide around the cheeks so they don't need anymore width added. Haircuts which help create a lengthening effect work best and choppy cuts usually help emphasize length.
    Depending on your hair length you can opt for the following hairstyles so you can look fabulous:


    Short hairstyles
    Women with round face shapes should avoid going too short as short hair means exposed facial features, thus your rounded facial features will be revealed. Opt for choppy short hairstyles featuring longer hair on top of your crown so you can style your hair with a little bit of volume. This will distract attention from the width by adding a bit of length. Choose side swept bangs if you wish as they work gorgeously with all hair lengths and will help give your hairstyle a modern twist.

    Medium hairstyles
    Medium hairstyles look absolutely fabulous whether straight or wavy. This hair length benefits round face shape even more as the length of the hair can add a lengthening effect to complement the roundness of the face. Curly hairstyles tend to add width to your face and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Try to thin out your hair and incorporate some layers to allow the hair to set better and receive a better posture. Layers look gorgeous on straight as well as wavy hairstyles so don't hesitate to get some layers cut. Opt for chin length bobs, shoulder length layered hairstyle and side swept bangs and you will look fabulous.

    Long hairstyles
    Long hairstyles are the most beneficial for round face shape as they add length and offer your hairstyles plenty of versatility. Long hairstyles can be cut in a variety of ways: blunt, angled, point cut or choppy as the hair will look fabulous. Straight hairstyles are the hairstyles which work best with round face shapes as the sleekness of the hair will allow the face to conceal some of the roundness.
    For curly hair types, the right hair layers are necessary as they will help give the hair the right posture. Hair styling products and tools can make a lot of a difference so don't hesitate to flat iron your hair or slightly curl your tresses for different occasions. High hair half up/half down hairstyles, cute updos, vintage as well as loose hairstyles with or without blunt cut or side swept bangs look absolutely with your face shape so experiment and look different and gorgeous every day.

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