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Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair color can be considered one of the sexiest hair colors of all time, as the sex appeal related to blonde hair is tremendous. A hair color that is on every woman's mind, blonde hair will always attract attention as it's golden coloration enchants the eyes.

A certain sexiness has always surrounded blonde hair color as many sex symbols of the world adore and look fabulous with their natural or dyed blonde hair. Blonde hair color even though among the rarest naturally is one of the most popular and adored hair colors by women and this comes as no surprise.

Natural Blonde Hair Color
Blonde hair color is one of the rarest hair colors and it can be found more commonly among the nations found in Northern Europe. The sheer golden coloration of the hair is genetically determined by the quantity of melanin pigmentation found in the hair. The higher the melanin level the darker the coloration of the hair and vice-versa.
Natural blonde hair color can come in a variety of shades, depending on the pigmentation level, ranging from platinum blonde to strawberry and dark blonde. Natural looking highlights are also common in natural blonde hair color and the effect is similar to dyed highlights.

Dyed Blonde Hair Color
As blonde hair color is one of the most popular hair colors of all times and the sex appeal created by the golden locks is tremendous, dying the hair blonde is becoming a trend. The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly in the past years and much better and improved hair dyes have been created, hair dyes which will not damage the hair as deeply. The blonde hues available in a box under the form of hair dyes range widely from ash blonde to dirty, dark blonde. The variety of blonde hair color hues can help women find the blonde shade that best enhances and suits their complexion. The transformation from red, brown or black to blonde bomb shell can be done with hair dye temporarily or permanent, depending on the type of hair dye used.

Gorgeous blondedyed blonde

Blonde hair color types
There are a variety of blonde hair color types, whether natural of dyed determined by the lightness or hues of the blonde coloration. Here are the most common blond hair colors created naturally or artificially:

  • golden blond has a gold rich coloration

  • platinum blonde is characterized by a whitish-blonde appearance

  • strawberry blond has a distinguishable light red hue

  • ash-blonde has a blonde-grayish look

  • dirty blonde can be characterized by a sandy appearance

  • yellow blonde is the powerful blonde with a yellowish tint

  • dark blonde is the color that appears to have a bit of brown pigmentation attached

  • Blonde hair care tips

    Natural blondes need to care properly for their blonde tresses as natural blonde hair is usually thinner and more prone to damage than thick naturally dark colored hairstyles. Avoiding chemical treatments as much as possible is necessary as chemical treatments can damage thin hair much easier. Hair conditioning treatments are necessary to maintain the right amount of moisture in the hair as hydrated equals healthy and shiny tresses.

    Dyed blonde hairstyles required more care than natural blondes as the hair has been subjected to chemical treatments which can have a damaging effect over the hair. Usually the most common problem with bleached hairstyles is over drying. Dry hairs are more prone to breakage and have a lifeless and dull appearance. Deep conditioning hair treatments are highly recommended for dyed blonde hair as they are meant to bombard the hair with nourishing nutrients which will leave the hair looking and feeling smooth and silky.

    Blonde hair color is and always will be considered sexy and appealing especially if suits the complexion perfectly. Platinum blonde hair color is one of the most popular and difficult to match with the complexion blonde hair color, but if created on a complementing complexion the result is absolutely amazing. So many celebrities have decided to go blonde and benefit from the confidence boosting benefits of blonde hair color like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Lauren Conrad, Hayden Panettiere, etc.
    All blonde hairstyles attract attention like a vortex so make sure to give this gorgeous hair color a try if you think it might benefit and suit your style.

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