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Casual Runway Hairstyles Trends

Casual hairstyles can help you look fabulous in minutes so inspire yourself from the following casual runway hairstyles ideas!

Every woman loves gorgeous looking hair styles as they play a very important role in physical appearance being able to upgrade the look if the right hairstyle is chosen. Trying to be diverse when it comes to hairstyles is a must and some of the most popular hairstyles this year are the casual hairstyles featured on a variety of runway fashion presentations.

Casual runway hairstyles trend comes to meed the new standards of the modern society in which time is precious and spending a great amount of time to create sophisticated hairstyles especially for a casual occasion is no longer a popular option. The great thing about these casual hairstyles is that they look great and allow you to style your tresses in minutes and without putting too much effort into it so they are great.

Why choose casual runway hairstyles?

Fashion designers pay a great amount of attention to details as they want their models and creations to look amazing, this is why they put a great amount of accent on makeup as well as hair styles. Because this year naturalness and simplicity were at the base of most fashion collections, hairstylists developed simple, casual hairstyles to match the designer collections. These hairstyles are trendy, gorgeous looking and easy to create so take advice from some of the best hairstylist of the world and inspire yourself from their creations.

What casual hairstyles to choose?

There are a variety of casual hairstyles to choose from depending on hair length, personal style, outfit and so on. Because there are so many casual hairstyles available we have selected some of the most popular runway casual hairstyles which captured our attention through their fabulousness:

Ballerina bun hairstyles
Ballerina bun hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous and easy to create. The hair is pulled back to form a ponytail and the hair is secured tightly. The ponytail is then twisted and wrapped around the base of the pony, and secured in place using bobby pins. The sleek straight look of this type of hairstyle works great with different types of outfits from cute dresses to jeans outfits depending on personal preference. The only negative thing is the necessary hair length as ballerina buns can only be created on long hair styles.

Braided hairstyles
Braided hairstyles look hot and they are definitely in this year. There are a variety of hair braiding techniques to choose from but one of the most popular style is the simple braid style, which involves braiding 3 hair strands to get the gorgeous result. Whether you braid a ponytail, opt for braided pigtails, choose a bohemian or milkmaid braid style you will definitely look hot.

Matthew Willimson 2010Alexander Wang 2010

Natural loose hairstyles
Allowing your tresses to fall naturally around your body can be a great and easy option as all you need to do is emphasize the natural style of your tresses using the right hair styling products or tools. Straight, wavy or curly hairstyles look fabulous as long as the hair is in a great condition and the right haircut is performed. Regardless of the hairs length, if the hair is styled right it will look lovely.

Messy updos
Creating a messy updo hairstyle requires virtually no skill as the hair is simply gathered backwards and secured with a hair elastic and bobby pins while not pulling the hair too tight. This type of updos can be created on all hair types as the messy style helps create the right amount of texture to attract attention and suit the look of any casual as well as formal outfit.
Photos via style.com

Burberry Prorsum 2010messy updo

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