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Chic Celebrity Short Hair Styles

Celebs were always some of the most inspiring blueprints to follow when it comes of choosing a brand new look. The chic celebrity short hair styles would take us to the next level of hair styling that fuses some traits of the classy cuts with the modern tendencies of hair styling. Spotting the right look might require a quick but profound glimpse at the hair style ideas below that turn short crops into the best source to pull off oh-so-chic hair styles.

Lately some of the celebrities who's been seen with their cascading long locks decided to make the cut for the sake of being versed with the latest hair cutting tendencies. Indeed the style waves when it comes of hair styling encourage layers, trimmed hair as well as the fabulous frame short crops can add to our face. Exposing more of their facial features these celebs managed to popularize their face-illuminating dos among the fans as well as among devoted hair style trend-trotters. The style icons as well as hair style idols below offer you the perfect example on how to wear your locks in order to play up your feminine and elegant or on the contrary youthful and more versatile style sense. Spy on the latest and time-tested celebrity short hair styles to find the perfect drive to make a visit to your favorite hair salon.

Carey Mulligan

Halle Berry

Audrey Tautou

Sharon Stone

Pixie haircuts

These celebrities made strengthened the reputation and fame of Pixie haircuts that would offer the best alternative to style short trimmed locks both in case of thin as well as super-thick hair. Those who decide to go short should take a look at these voguish hair styles that would bring you the desired success especially when paired with the perfect face shape.

The Pixie trend mesmerized millions of fans and prominent figures who succeeded in taking it to the next level with the tousled, chopped as well as more alternative looks.These beloved and A-lister actresses are only some of the most stylish promoters of the trend worth keeping an eye on. Copycat their look and make sure you also add a tint of your unique fashion-consciousness to find your signature do and upgrade it as styling tendencies evolve.


Sarah Harding

Michelle Williams

Victoria Beckham

Close-cropped Haircuts

Additionally to the Pixie cuts we must also mention the voguish close-cropped haircut alternatives. These styles are characterized by the longer strands in the front or bangs area and the short trimmed strands at the nape of the neck. These hair style chameleons proved that turning back to this haircut more time during their celeb career is the perfect trick to grasp the attention of the public and fans.

Moreover some of these looks took iconic dimensions as in the case of Victoria Beckham who is the righteous ambassador of the Close-cropped hair style offering endless designs to inspire the crowd. These hair styles would help you accentuate your dainty and at the same time more mysterious aura if you decide to sport your bangs tamed and swept to the side.

Jenna Elfman

Keri Hilson

Jessica Stroup

Agyness Deyn

Short Bob Haircuts

Bob hair styles are some of the timeless looks that shouldn't be skipped by any celebs who is eager to swim in the glamorous spotlight. Undoubtedly these celebs flash a unique design and alternative for the classy and time-tested look. Besides the traditional cut they managed to add choppy layers, curls as well as a stylish bangs style as the best means to banish the plain look of locks. Those who are flirting with the idea of joining their party should choose the right length as well as the hair style option that best suits their face shape. Consider some of the examples above as a point of departure for your next makeover session. Look dazzling and voguish with the chic celebrity short hair styles.

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