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Common Hair Mistakes

Hair can be one of our most precious assets that attracts attention and brings glances of approval to its wearer. However there are some common hair mistakes that can evoke exactly the opposite reaction. If you don’t take care of your hair properly, it can cause many frustrating beauty problems. You can dress in the trendiest clothes, and put on the most glamorous makeup, if your hair is not right, it can ruin your look. Contrarily, a great hair can boost your beauty, giving you confidence everywhere you should go. Read on to find out which are the most frequently met hair don’ts that should be avoided.

Hair Mistakes and Bad Habits

Hair is a major concern when it comes to beauty and when you reach a hair crisis, you tend to believe in everything that you hear or read. However you better stay away from following every advice that you hear, because this way you can develop bad hair care habits and mistakes that can do no good to your locks. Find out more about how to avoid some common hair mistakes that can damage your hair, in order to have stunning tresses that are worth of envy.

  • Your Hair Color Won’t Look the Same as the Color Sample on the Box
    The outcome of your hair color can differ because of various factors. Your natural hair color, previous chemical processes done to your hair such as perms or colorings, and how long you leave the dye in, will all influence the results.
    For the best results make sure that your natural hair is among the recommended colors on the sample box or ask the advice of a professional hair stylist.

  • Using Plenty of Product
    Of course, you want to look gorgeous, but as you know too much of a good think is usually bad. Mousses or hairsprays are amazing shampooing your hair every day, because this way you may wash away the natural oils from your scalp and you can end up with a dull hair.
    Therefore it is better to use these products with moderation and care, in order to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  • Forgetting to Update Your Hairstyle
    Hair color and hairstyle should be in harmony with your age and your lifestyle. Just like your clothing or makeup, hair also has to be updated. The hairstyle that you had in your teens probably won’t match you so much when you are in your late thirties.
    If you feel like you are stuck in an old fashioned haircut, it is always good to consider a change in style and in color as well, in order to flatter your actual age and skin tone. Don’t be afraid of the changes, you can ask your friends’ opinion as well as of your stylist on what new haircut would suit you best. A new look can brighten up your days and will make you feel better in your own skin.

  • Drastically Changing Your Colors
    You like to experiment with new looks, mainly when you are young and daring, and altering hair colors can definitely spice up your look. You can enhance your boring haircut, or flatter your old natural hair color, however first of all you should think about your actual hair color. If you have a natural dark brown or a dyed black hair, trying to change into platinum won’t be a great choice, and the result can damage your look and your hair texture as well.
    Never experiment with applying drastical changes to your hair at home because the result can be disastrous. To avoid ending up with an orange hair color, the best thing to do is consult a professional hair stylist who can give you great ideas on which color would be ideal for your hair.

  • Brushing Your Hair Too Much
    It is a common hair myth that frequent brushing will make your hair more healthy and shiny. Although brushing your hair with a soft bristled paddle brush can be good to your hair, it really makes your tresses glossier, but only to a certain point. If you brush your hair too much, it will only become oilier so that you may have to wash it more often and it can even result in hair damages as well.

  • Wearing Your Hair in a Too Tight Ponytail
    Ponytail is a really practical and feminine hairstyle. It offers a quick solution on bad hair days, when you cannot keep your unruly locks under control. Pulling back your hair in a ponytail is great once in a while, but wearing your hair this way each and every day can be bad to your hair. Pulling it back too often in a tight ponytail or a bun, using a strong elastic, can cause the breakage of your hair and even headaches.

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