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Cool Hairtyles Ideas

If you are more into the cool style, it’s your hair too that should reflect 100% your non-conformist personality. And there is a myriad of cool hairstyles ideas that you can experiment. From edgy, modern hairstyles to hippie and vintage ones, you can choose the one you like and enhance your natural beauty.

Cool is something related not only to the aesthetic part, but more to one's attitude, behavior and a state of well-being. Feeling good about yourself can easily be reflected in your appearance. Cool hairstyles should express your own personality and personal taste, not necessarily fashion trends.

A bob-like shape on one side with super-short hair on the other side is the coolest hairstyle ever. This is a very versatile hairstyle that works amazing on oval and heart faces, but you can adapt it according to your face shape. For example, for square faces it is advisable to have some layers done around the front so they frame features. Longer faces should leave the hair a little bit longer too. As for the styling tips, there aren't important key tricks as this type of hairstyle should be kept rather natural. Therefore, over-styling is an absolute no-no. You just have to add some volume to the roots using a round brush and a blow dryer. You can also use a hair straightener.

Another cool hairstyle that suits oval faces with small features is the punk one with front long layers, which is easy and quick to style. You can get a modern hairstyle in no time by applying some mousse into the front layers, blow dry, and leave them fall over the eyes in the sexiest way ever. What is even more incredible is that this hairstyle works on every hair type, whether you have it fine, thick, curly or straight. On thing that should be very important, and you should pay a lot of attention to it, is the color, as the striking, the better.

You can also be backcomb and quiff-up a punk hairstyle. This leads us to the next cool hairstyle. The quiff hairstyle is not only cool, but it looks so crazy. If at the beginning it was seen as a specific symbol of rebellion, nowadays, it became a very cool hairstyle. You can choose a shaved sides version, but if you are not so daring, you can adapt the look in no time especially if your hair is longer at the front. Blow dry your hair, and using a brush, push hair back off the face. Then, with a small-barreled curling iron, make curls on the top hair section, leaving the sides free. Apply some hair wax on the curls giving them the shape you are looking for. Creating the illusion of shaved sides is very simple. You just need some hairspray or gel in order to smooth hair down.

The “garçonne” haircut is a cool choice for urban girls. It is so easy to maintain and style, and it is both modern and dynamic. It suits self-confident women who feel great in their own skin. As it is ultra-short, the boy cut doesn't work very well on round faces. Still, if you have petite features and you want to enhance their beauty, you can rock this hairstyle even if you have a round face. Wear it in a more tousled way in order to get a messy, yet chic look. For a special night out that requires a glamorous appearance, you can style the “ garçonne” hairstyle using some hairspray or hair wax.

When it comes to cool hairstyles, it’s impossible not to mention the famous hippie style that suits better if you have a laid-back and non-conformist attitude. This is one hairstyle that doesn't imply pretentious styling effects, but it enhances natural beauty using braids and different, unique hair accessories, such a flowers and headbands. However, the colorful scarf seems to remain the basic element that characterizes this hairstyle. Even though this look might be a little unusual, it is a cool hairstyle.

Lately, retro became a very cool hairstyle especially since the vintage look has widely spread into the fashion world. Retro hairstyles offer a chic and elegant feeling to any outfit. For example, a simple headband on a bob hairstyle adds a retro touch that certainly doesn't lack femininity and grace. Worn on a long hair, '60s style, the headband reflects innocence, yet sexiness. Also, retro chic waves and curls, '40s style, can be cool and modern.

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