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Determine Your Hair Type

Several methods and tricks are available to help you determine your hair type. This act is extremely important in order to choose the proper hair products as well as hair styles that would complement your strands. Moreover it is highly recommended to rely on professional knowledge as the ultimate means to improve the condition of your follicles and locks in general. An inappropriate hair care might do more damage than favor to your locks, consequently it is a must to find out which hair type category you belong to. Follow the principles below to find out the main qualities of your hair.

Different Hair Types

The various characteristics of hair types will provide you with enough information to decide which category one you belong to. From differences in maintenance to the use of proper hair products all will offer a profound insight into the art of having healthy strands. Those who are keen to expand their skills on basic hair care should read through the main hair types and the paramount traits that represent these. Adopt the proper nourishing and cleansing rituals to have spotless and worth-admiring strands. Moreover determining your hair type would also offer you the chance to choose the most flattering and low-maintenance hair styles that add a refined flair to your appearance.

  • Normal Hair:Some might think that the texture and condition of our strands is mainly determined by the state of the follicles. However it seems that, the scalp serves as the crucial point of departure when analyzing hair types.This is the section which can reveal the quality of our hair care as well as the eventual hair problems and radical hair loss. In the case of normal hair we can identify a flawless scalp that is not dry still not greasy too. The natural moisture covers it keeping the strands conditioned and shiny. Those who were blessed with a similar hair type should rely on the basic hair products designed for them. Hair shampoo and conditioner should serve as the sole remedies to cleanse and nourish the strands.

  • Oily Hair: In the case of oily hair we might encounter a thick layer of sebum excess of the surface of the scalp. This condition is generated by the inappropriate functioning of oil glands that eliminate an increased amount of this moisture due to various internal effects. There are other causes that can be identified as the triggering factor of greasy strands as poor nutrition and other disorders.

    It is a common tendency to observe the oil excess on the scalp only a few hours after washing. Therefor this hair type require a more detailed and efficient treatment. The hair care kit, containing shampoo and conditioner should be completed with various other products that reduce the increased functioning of endocrine glands. Often people who have an oily hair will be also forced to wash their strands almost on a daily basis.

  • Dry Hair: The other extreme of hair types is represented by dry hair. Those who belong to this category might encounter the flaky condition of the scalp as well as the coarseness of strands due to the inability of sebaceous glands to provide the scalp with enough natural moisture. This is the reason why the resistance of follicles tends to weaken and the strands lose their shiny and spotless look.

    In this case it is highly recommended to pay special attention to conditioning in order to prevent hair thinning and also hair loss. Besides the basic cleansing ritual include conditioning as well as special hydration and nourishment practices as hot oil treatments into your weekly hair care routine.Dry hair is more prone to damage, as split ends and frizz due to lack of proper protection towards these hair enemies.

  • Combination Hair: This is undoubtedly one of most common hair types that fuses various qualities from both oily and dry hair. In general the scalp bares the sign of greasy texture whereas the tips tend to be dry and this way more prone to breakage. This situation is more interesting due to the fact that in most of the cases, combination hair occurs after various hair treatments that affected either the scalp or the ends of strands.

    Exposing the locks to perm, chemical-treatments and excessive hair coloring can leave the tips of the hair dry. Whereas various internal factors as disorders and inappropriate nutrition can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excessive moisture to hydrate the scalp. It is highly recommended to use separate treatment for the upper as well as the lower area to prevent the occurrence of deterioration.

  • Consider these basic information on the various hair types during your selection of ideal hair care products as well as other additional styling tools. Dedicate special attention to the health of your strands to prevent the most radical hair problems.

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