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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is a procedure which has resisted time and has recently been found with an increased popularity due to the spectacular results this technique can achieve. Find out how this hair removal technique works so you can have gorgeous eyebrows every single minute.

Removing unwanted eyebrow hairs has never been more interesting and easy that using the eyebrow threading technique. This technique has been developed for centuries in the Middle East and it has now made a huge comeback as many women find eyebrow threading much easier than tweezing.

What is eyebrow threading?
Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique used by women to remove unwanted hair. The technique uses a twisted piece of thread to remove rows of hair in a surprisingly precise way. Using the fingers the twist created on the thread will move up and down, catching the hairs in it's path and plucking them out. Eyebrow threading requires a little bit of skill in order to ensure a straight and flawless eyebrow hair removal. With a little bit of practice, gorgeous and flawless sharp lines can be created.

Why eyebrow threading?
Choosing the right eyebrow hair removal technique depends on each persons preference and sensitivity. Some women are allergic to wax so eyebrow threading offers a less painful option than tweezing. Opposite to tweezing the eyebrows by plucking one hair at a time, eyebrow threading helps remove an entire row of hairs at once. This will ensure a quicker hair removal with less pain. Eyebrow threading helps remove the hairs in a very precise way and helps create lovely arched eyebrows.

Most cosmetologists agree that eyebrow threading is the best temporary eyebrow hair removal technique out of waxing and tweezing simply due to the fact the the skin surrounding the eye can sometimes be irritated by the warm wax and the plucking just takes longer to perform, resulting more pain to endure.
Due to it's benefits, eyebrow threading is increasing it's popularity, now being performed in certain salons in the US and Europe.

eyebrow threadingeyebrow threading

How to use the thread?
To remove unwanted hair using the eyebrow threading technique take a piece of cotton thread and pull it into a double strand tying it around the ends. The strand doesn't need to be too long a few inches should be enough. Twist the double strand thread a few times and put your thumb and index fingers from both of your hands in the ends of the thread to open up the loops. By opening opening the fingers from one hand and alternating with the other hand you will be able to move the twist formed on the thread up and down. This way the hairs will be easily removed.

Put the thread close to your eyebrows around the area which you want the hairs to be removed and open up the fingers to remove the hairs. If you are a novice take it slowly to avoid making any mistakes. If you hurry up and don't have the skill to maintain a steady hand you might ruin your eyebrows by plucking other hairs which you don't wish to remove.

How to fix any mistakes?
Ruining your eyebrows is about one of the worst things you can do, but, if you already managed to ruin them, don't panic, there are a few tricks which can help you conceal any missing hairs.
One of the bet things about eyebrow threading is that the hairs will eventually grow back and cover any mistake you have done, but, until then you can try to cover up the missing hairs using make-up.

Make-up is indeed a girls best friend as it will help you when in need so take an eyebrow pencil and gently cover up any mistakes. Use an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color to ensure a flawless application that has an invisible transition. If you are not very handy with eyebrow pencils or simply don't like to use them you can use eyeshadow to cover up your mistake. Use brown or black eyeshadow and apply it using an angled brush. This way you will be able to perfectly trace out the contour of your desired eyebrow shape. Allow your eyebrows to regrow and take your time when you are shaping your eyebrows, as they play an important role in physical appearance. Eyebrows can help transform a persons look completely in just minutes so making sure your eyebrows are stunning should be a top priority of your beauty routine.

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