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Flat Irons

Styling your hair has never been easier since flat irons or hair straighteners have been developed. Find out how you can benefit from this ingenious styling tool which can help you go from curly to straight and vice versa in minutes.

There are a variety of flat irons available on the market which makes choosing one a difficult process. Variety is a good thing but sometimes variety can make people indecisive. The invention of the flat iron seems to have made women happy as going from curly to super straight and back can be done in minutes.

What can flat irons be used for?

Flat irons are incredibly useful and multifunctional styling tools specialized on straightening the hair using heat. Nowadays new styling techniques developed have demonstrated that flat irons can not only be used for straightening but for curling the hair as well. This has made the flat iron one of the most popular hair styling tools among women as well as men.

For hair straightening
Flat irons are mostly used for obtaining sleek straight hairstyles. The use or certain special hair products can aid the straightening process and protect the hair during the straightening. Improper use of the flat iron can lead to damaged hair and hair loss, as the heat given off by the flat irons can reach up to 400ºF. The hair is straightened usually after it has been freshly washed and dried as this way the results obtained are the best. The flat iron is heated and the plates are closed tightly around a narrow hair strand close to the roots. The flat iron is then slid down towards the ends in a smooth and uniform manner. This way the hair will receive a smooth, silky and shiny appearance.
To protect the hair from the intense heat there are a variety of products which are destined for thermal or flat iron protection.

For curling hair
Curling the hair using a flat iron is a relatively new technique. The width of the plates is directly related to the way the curls will be defines. Narrow plated flat irons are the ones that create the most adorable and perfect curls created in seconds. Wide plates don't have the capacity to create the curls as they are too wide.
Protecting the hair before creating the curls is as necessary as it is for hair straightening in order to avoid hair damage. Spraying a thermal protection spray on each hair strand before curling will ensure the protection your hair needs.
To curl the hair separate a hair strand not too thick but not too narrow, and close the flat iron's plates about three thirds up the hair. Turn the flat iron to form a “U” shape and slowly pull the flat iron downwards. This will create a lovely curl which will look shiny and well defined.

Can the flat iron be used on any type of hair?

The flat iron can be used on any type of hair if the right protection is applied. People with thin hair should try to use a flat iron with adjustable setting to use a lower intensity of the flat iron to avoid damaging. People with curly thick hairstyles need the high settings in order for the thick hair to be successfully straightened.
Using the hair straightener excessively could lead to over drying and damaged hair so try to use the flat iron moderately.

What flat iron to use?

There are a variety of flat irons available which feature different types of plating and different widths. Ceramic plates are less damaging than metallic plates as they help distribute the heat uniformly. The new generations of flat irons are developed after new standards and technologies so they are less damaging on the hair.
Choosing your flat iron can also be based on the hairs length. People with short hair should opt for the narrow plates as they will help straighten the hair better, while people with medium to long hairstyles should opt for the wide plated flat irons as they will offer more coverage.
Choose a professional brand for professional results and create a variety of hairstyles using this amazing styling tool.

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