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Formal Hair Styles and Prom Hair

Special events are crowned with refined and sophisticated formal hair styles that add a breath-taking glam to our look. Weddings, Prom, Homecoming as well as other anniversaries celebrated with a beautiful and high brow ceremony scream for a stylish and spotless appearance. These hair styles offer the chance to become the queen of the day with the fabulous updos, gorgeous buns, as well as retro-inspired waves.


Formal Hair Styles

Choosing Formal Hair Styles

Opting for the ideal and most flattering formal hair styles can be done by following some of the basic principles that guarantee the standing ovation of the entourage paid to our appearance. Those who are keen to pre-plan their look beforehand should consider these factors:

-Complexity: Those who long for complex and time and effort requesting designs should prepare with the high quality styling tools and hair products that ease the creation of the desired style. From the difficult and versatile braids to the Bouffant and more groovy catwalk style buns all will necessitate some mastery and planning.

Moreover the nature of the event will also determine the choice whether the long-lasting effect can be really preserved or the effect would fade after a few hours.

-Formality: Different occasions might require a specialized attire and implicitly hair style. Those who are heading for a red carpet event can choose from the breath-taking and dazzling hairstyles that are crowned with stylish hair accessories, inspired by the classy retro or vintage hairstyles. On the other hand for a semi-formal event it's enough to style the strands into a polished hairdo that doesn't suppress your outfit.

-Personality and Age-appropriateness: There are other factors that might determine our choice when it comes of chic formal hair styles. Style is often about finding the accessories and desgins that are age-appropriate and reflect our personality. Those who feel uncomfortable with a Bouffant hairstyle or an ultra-polished French twist should swap these for a simple and classic bun or Angelic waves. Make sure you feel confident both in your attire as well as with your tresses styled in an appropriate manner.

Different Formal Hair Styles

Both depending on the nature of the occasion as well as your personality, formal hair styles can be grouped in basic categories that have signature and unique traits. The large repertoire of choices will provide every face shape and hair texture with chic and flattering styling options.

- Updos: Updo hair styles are often considered the quintessential looks sported on formal events. These besides their ability to accentuate the assets of each face shape will also add a refined flair to your a ceremonial and glam attire. From the stylish buns to the classic French twists as well as more complex and spectacular braided hairstyles, all aim to upgrade our makeup, accessories and other apparel pieces.

- Retro- and Vintage-inspired Hair Styles: Those who are eager to pay tribute to the past decades, might find these ceremonial events perfect to flash their fondness for the classic Victorian or Mod style updos, buns as well as voluminous and cascading waves. These all add a memorable and elegant flair to the tresses as well as the breath-taking nigh gown or cocktail dress.

- Accessories: Indeed a special and dazzling hairdo might be enough to transgress a plain look. However appealing to hair accessories would be a further trick to play up the dimension and natural glow of the strands. Hair pins, barrettes, headbands as well as clips are all perfect means to provide the formal hair style with a tint of glimmer and finesse.

Enrich your knowledge about the multitude of hair styling options when you are invited to a special event. Opt for a hairdo that is best illustrated through the fabulous formal hair style gallery that offers brand new and inspiring ideas both for short, medium, and long, straight as well as curly hair.

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