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Formal Medium Hairstyles

Formal occasions usually ignite an inner desire for perking up our hairstyle and making it stand out. Medium hairstyles tend to be highly versatile and offer a multitude of styling options so choosing the perfect hairstyle for you is a matter of creativity and skill. Check out the following medium hairstyles to be able to get a better idea of your options.

Medium hair length is by far the most common choice of women due to the incredible versatility of medium hairstyles. Stylish and practical medium hairstyles are easy to care for and can be easily adapted to a great variety of demands. Although it might seem that when it comes to formal hairstyles the options are limited, this is a big misconception most of the time. Depending on the personal preferences of each individual as well as the hair length the options you have might vary. Blunt cuts offer a classical style but tend to be rather restrictive when it comes to styling flexibility.

On the other hand, medium layered hairstyles are considered the most suitable choice for those who want to have maxim freedom when it comes to styling. The structure of a layered hairstyle can be emphasized in a variety of ways and depending on the chosen layer style you can create multiple focal points. Straight hairstyles can be emphasized the best with a dramatic layering technique while naturally for naturally curly or wavy hairstyles soft layers are generally more appropriate.

Straight layered hairstyles can be best emphasized in two ways: by adding volume or by emphasizing the hair ends. Adding volume is fairly easy with the help of volumizing spray and a good blow drying technique and it can have an intense and powerful overall effect.

Emphasizing the hair ends can be a good choice for those who are more into modern hairstyles that are a little unconventional. For these styles a perfect finish is not required nor recommended. These hairstyles look best when they have a purposely messy overall look that adds a playful touch to this hairstyle.

Adding a few loose curls on the lower part of the hair is another easy method in which you can instantly transform a hairstyle and make it appropriate for a formal occasion. This technique works especially well for those who need to add width around the chin area to balance the overall facial features and to create a more oval face shape and soften harsh angles at the same time. If you are feeling adventurous you can even try to increase the volume in this area by teasing the hair after using the curling iron to create the curls.

Depending on the length of your hair you can also try half up/down hairstyles if loose hairstyles are not satisfying for you in terms of complexity. Bump half updo hairstyles have a timeless elegance, creating a beautiful structure that helps emphasize the facial features to the max. Adding volume at the top of the head can also help reduce the overall width, an aspect that can be very important for various face shapes, being especially beneficial for those who have a round face shape.

Low bun hairstyles can also be a suitable choice for those who have medium to long hairstyles. If you are not able to create a low bun you can also rely on a series of styling products to create the desired bun like shape. If you opt for this method, make sure to use a high quality hair spray with a strong formula to avoid unpleasant surprises. Adding hair accessories is a good way to bring out the best in a medium hairstyle and to create a focal point that will direct attention towards the aspects you are trying to emphasize and away from the features you would rather camouflage.

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