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Graying Hair

Everyone will start to develop gray hairs sooner or later, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to prevent graying hair as much as you can. Find out why graying hair occurs and how to regain the color of your tresses.

Graying hair affects everyone at a certain point in life and it is caused by the reduction of pigment that gives the hair it's coloration. Because graying hair can be difficult to accept, people have been trying to prevent premature graying hair as best as possible through the use of essential vitamins.

What causes gray hair?

Gray hair is a sign of aging and it can affect people from their mid twenties and up. Grey hair affects people at different ages depending on several factors like stress levels, diet and lifestyle.
Each piece of hair is made out of a hair shaft and a root. The root continues under the skin as hair follicle and contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells release a substance called melanin, which is responsible for the coloration of the hair.

The higher the concentration of melanin the darker the hair will be. As people age, the pigment cells found in the hair follicle start to die, thus producing less melanin and with time no melanin. This leads to the development of gray hairs as no pigment will be introduced into the hair shaft.
The graying process starts gradually and will continue until all the hairs will turn gray.

It is believed that other than age, gray hairs can be determined by genes. The genetic material is transmitted from generation to generation and thus some people will start to develop gray hairs around the same time as their parents or ancestors did.

Stress, diet and lifestyle are also factors which are believed to be linked to premature graying hair. Gray hairs usually are more noticeable on people with darker hair color as the contrast between the hairs is greater. Some people consider graying hair as unattractive while others believe that it contributes the the persons sex appeal.

How to prevent premature graying hair

Vitamins are essential for the organism and vitamins can help delay the aging process. Stopping the hair from graying is not possible, at least not presently, but delaying the process can be done by ensuring the body receive the vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth and development. The vitamins essential for the hair are the B complex vitamins.
Vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid, folic acid and Para-Aminobenzoic acid or PABA can help delay premature graying hair. These ingredients are contained by vitamins for graying hair which are sold in drugstores. Folic acid combined with pantothenic acid can restore the hairs natural coloration, thus delaying the premature graying process.
Because the world has evolved so much when it comes to scientific research as well, scientists have now discovered a way to deal with graying hair. They have discovered that the liposomes, which are the substances used to transfer drugs into the organism can be used to transfer melanin into the hairs follicle, restoring the hairs natural color. An artificial melanin replacement can make the hair pigmented again, thus saying goodby to gray hair.
This is why technology is so wonderful; people can now maintain their hair color regardless of their age.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a well balanced diet and a stress free life can only aid your health, beuaty and hair. It is believed that smokers, people who eat mostly fast food, deep fried foods are more prone to developing gray hairs sooner. Take care of your health and your hair will radiate beauty and health.

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