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Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are just as common styling accessories as brushes were in the past. Curls and waves keep their strong position among favorite hair styles still people craved for a change. This modern invention brought the rise of super-sleek and shiny strands. Those who are eager to sport their strands in their natural length but with an additional glamorous flair will be able to experiment with the latest hair style trends. In order to benefits of the endless assets of hair straighteners it is worth taking a glimpse at the main assets of flat irons and also the guidelines to follow when purchasing a similar hair styling tool.

Hair Straightener Basics

Professionals paid special attention to the production of flat irons or hair straighteners all throughout the development of hair dressing techniques. Hair type, density and even length play a crucial role in determining which is the best hair styling tool that would accentuate the refinement of our look. In order to find the best flat iron it is highly recommended to pay special attention to the brand and implicitly the producer as well as the quality of materials.

These will have a crucial importance, since the inappropriate use of this equipment can easily damage the spotless condition of the hair. Pay special attention to both the structure and more than anything the temperature of the plates. Those who would neglect this tiny detail might encounter severe burns and other injuries. Moreover our strands are ultra-sensitive to the effect of heat, their deterioration could launch a series of irreversible damages. Other essential criteria would include the following:

  • Swivel Cord:Though some might easily neglect this feature it is still important to secure the appropriate conditions for styling our strands. Swivel cords serve as our best allies when it comes of a long and exhausting ironing. These in fact have a special function namely to prevent the tangling of the cord and to keep it straight. With the help of this additional quality we'll be able to continue the hair straightening ritual without any difficulties.

  • Plate Size: Manufacturers produced a multitude of hair straighteners in all shapes and sizes. One of the paramount qualities and parts of a high quality flat iron is plate size. The key to find the perfect purchase it is highly recommended to match the length and density of the plate with the hair style. Furthermore the purpose of using a similar hair styling tool would also determine the selection process. Those who have long hair can rely on the power of all types of hair straighteners. From the wide to the narrow plates all will have the same miraculous and stylish effect. On the other hand those who have short strands and additionally bangs should consider picking the 1" plate.

  • Temperature Control: One of the best assets of hair straighteners is temperature control. Producers paid special attention to this apparently minor details since it can have a radical influence on the condition of the hair.

    Those who were blessed with dense and healthy strands can use the flat iron on a normal temperature. Others who struggle with an extremely thin and vulnerable as well as chemically treated hair should consider using this hair styling tool an a lower degree in order to protect the hair color from fading.

  • Safety: High quality straighteners also have some basic features in order to fulfill the safety criteria. One of these is in fact an automatic shutoff mechanism that turns off the heating of the device after 30 minutes. Since the high temperature in combination with electricity can have some serious effects on our strands.

    Moreover some might be a bit lightheaded and could leave the flat iron turned on for an extremely long period, this can also produce some unfortunate accidents. Keep this factor in mind when choosing the ideal hair straightener.

  • Weight: It might seem funny to consider that hair straighteners can be really heavy. However in many cases these can cause many headaches due to their weight. Especially for those who use it on a daily basis it might seem challenging to handle the equipment properly. Light flat irons conquered millions of fans both among men and women. These will protect your arms from any pain and tension. Make it ideally less than 1 pounds, in the specialized store simulate hair straightening to identify the real weight of the device.

  • Types of Hair Straighteners

    Those who have difficulties in deciding upon which hair straightener to choose it is worth skimming through the variety of flat irons available on the market. From the size, shape and plate type all have the same aim, namely to grant you with super-sleek strands or sophisticated curls. Indeed taking a closer look to the basic and more complex devices would offer you enough information to make the best choice. Here are some of the basic types of hair straighteners:

  • Normal Metal Flat Iron: As the tag 'normal' suggests this flat iron is the most common type of hair straightener. It appeals to the use of metal plates which are indeed efficient to have sleek strands, still it has several disadvantages. The chance to generate serious damage to the hair as well as our health is increased due to the lack of safety measure and other essential details that would protect the locks from deterioration.

  • Ionic: One of the high quality flat irons that works with the help of ions. This additional detail to the appliance helps people to tame their frizzy hair and add a shiny and healthy look to the strands. The radiant effect of the hair is given actually by the locking of the natural moisture. The oh-so-fab outcome of the straightening session using ionic flat irons guarantees its popularity and also safety.

  • Tourmaline: Flat irons basically differ in plating, tourmaline straighteners are among the most efficient and also expensive tools in hair styling. Indeed some would consider it unattainable due to the high price, however those who place the health of the strands above all will choose exclusively these devices for benefiting of sleek hair. Besides the glamorous effect, these all also proved to be the best means to add a smooth and radiating flair to our hair.

  • Ceramic: These type of hair straighteners manage to be accessible to everyone as well as fulfill all the basic criteria to provide a protective shield to the hair. Moreover due to its simple handling it can be used by everyone regardless of age, the chance to cause any injuries is much less than in the case of normal flat irons. Their maintenance is also extremely easy since you can use a simple sponge or a damp cloth to do it.

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