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Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Choosing the right hairstyle should be done with great care as hairstyles have an incredible amount of importance in physical aspect. The right hairstyle can also have an impact over the emotional state by helping lift confidence and self esteem so learn how you can determine the best hairstyle for you.

Finding the right hairstyles for round face shapes can be a very difficult thing due to the fact that each face shape needs specific cuts to emphasize or conceal certain facial features. The right hairstyle gives the best advantages to a person by bringing out their best features and concealing their flaws. Before choosing the right hairstyle it is best to determine exactly the face shapes that characterizes you so you can then choose a cut which best suits you.

Round face shape characteristics

Each face shape has different characteristics which can helps establish a noticeable difference between each type. Round face shapes are characterized by the following:

  • the widest point of the face is found in the area of the cheekbones and ears

  • rounded features around the chin and hairline

  • an almost equal width to the length of the face

  • Round face shapes can be easily determined by standing in front of a mirror and using a lipstick or a wash off colored pencil, pulling back your hair and tracing on the mirror the contour of your face. By looking at the shape of the traced contour on the mirror you can have a clearer view of the face shape that characterizes you.
    People with round face shapes don't necessarily have to be characterized by a fuller, rounder body as the face shape is not related to body weight.

    Best hairstyle for round face shapes according to hair length

    People have to choose their hairstyle according to several other factors like hair length, hair type, etc. It is absolutely amazing how much hairstyles can improve or worsen a person's physical appearance, this is why the best hairstylists become known worldwide for their work. The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly during the last few years and a variety of new or improved hairstyling products have been developed.

    For short hair

    Women with short hair and round fa shapes need to quite careful when choosing the right hairstyle. Short hair is not the best option for women, but if this is already your hair length you can choose a hairstyle that will help create an illusion of length. The variety of hair cutting techniques developed allow the hairstylist to give the hair the right amount of definition and texture that this face shape requires. Choose short hairstyles that offer length by being cut longer on to and shorter on the sides. This will allow your hair to benefit from more versatility, as this type of cut can be styled in a variety of ways.

    For medium length hair

    Medium length hairstyles suit better round face shapes as the length can offer more advantages and versatility in styling. Blunt cut bobs and layered haircuts are a great option for medium length hairstyles as these haircuts help emphasize length and draw attention away from the width. These haircuts work beautifully with straight as well as wavy hairstyles so with a little bit of hairstyling you can obtain a lovely, popular and in style look.

    For long hairstyles

    Long hairstyles are the hairstyles that suit best this type of face shape as the length of the hair will help balance the roundness of the face. Long blunt haircuts work absolutely wonderful with straight hairstyles. The sleek straight appearance of the hair and it's length will help create a slimming effect, an effect highly desired by most women. Center parted long straight hair look fabulous and help create one of the latest hairstyles trends.
    For curly hairstyles layers incorporated throughout the hair give the hair the right texture it needs. Make sure your layers give a better definition to your curls without emphasizing width.

    As a general rule for everyone, the look of a hairstyle can be emphasized by the aspect of the hair. Make sure to maintain your hair in a healthy condition, by keeping a well balanced diet and by learning how to properly use different hair styling products and hair styling tools.
    Try to inspire your hairstyle from your favorite celebrity hairstyle if you can't decide on your own what hairstyle to choose.

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