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Hairstyles with Lots of Volume

Spectacular and dramatic hairstyles with lots of volume have always been the perfect reflection of femininity and sophistication. Volume adds a certain degree of extravagance and style to any look. Whether we are talking about romantic 18th century hairstyles or about more modern ones, volume will remain one of the most important trends in matters of hairstyle.

Hairstyles are important too, but there are also some rules you need to follow in order to get volume into your hair. The first rule is to pay attention when you wash your hair, and insist on the scalp and massage it. Avoid using different after-shampoo products as they only overload the hair. You should better choose a cream that you should use after washing your hair.

Also, it is important to use a shampoo based on the type of hair. Second, blow dry your hair by tipping your hair upside down in order to add volume to the roots. Avoid blow drying your hair totally and leave it a little damp.
If you want to add volume to your hair, tip your hair upside down, apply styling mousse for your hair type, starting from the roots to the ends, insisting on the roots. For extra volume, blow dry your hair after applying the mousse.

Wavy and curly bob

This type of bob work for every hair color. It is very easy and quick to make. You can wear the part on the side if you want to maximize the volume effect, or you can wear it without part for a natural, tousled look.

Getting curls or simple waves is one of the most simple and efficient ways to achieve instant volume. You can use a curling iron, hot rollers and even a hair straightener. For a daily, casual look, choose the wavy style as it will add an effortless, messy, yet sexy touch, while for an evening event, the curly style will bring a structured volume to your hair, adding elegance to any look.


Short hairstyles are the best option if you want to add volume into the hair. There are various types of short hairstyles that will help you get volume regardless your face shape. Try a more masculine version of the bowl cut, with bangs, which will create the illusion of extra volume.

Also, a layered short haircut at the nape of the neck, but longer and with lots of volume in the front. This is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for a rock style. The two extremes of this haircut allows you to change the hairstyle whenever you want to. Making a quiff can add a dramatic volume to your hair. You just need the right tools and skill. Start by blow drying your hair.

Take the front section of your hair and using a brush create a base of volume. Then, with the curling iron make some curls only on the top section and apply some wax. Smooth the hair from the sides using hair spray.


When it comes to getting volume into your long hair, you have so many options. The easiest solution is to backcomb your hair. You can do it by simply lifting sections of hair at the crown and brushing them downward starting from the mid-lengths to the roots. Repeat the action a few times. For longer hair, long layers can take the weight from the ends and add volume to the roots.

Long waves and curls are not only glamorous and stylish, but they can help you get volume. You can also wear soft waves with volume and a headband. Use hot rollers, the curling iron or the hair straightener and make some natural waves that will turn heads. In order to avoid waves to drop, tip your hair upside down and apply some hairspray on the roots. You can also get sexy big waves using a large round brush and the blow drier.


A rich, healthy looking hair with lots of texture is the key to a glamorous look. An "oversized" updo can instantly add volume and give you a stylish appearance.

Apply some hairspray to the roots, then backcomb the underneath sections and place a soft layer over the top. Secure it at the crown of the head. You can also make a voluminous, spectacular updo for an elegant and sophisticated look.

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