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How to Add Highlights and Lowlights at Home

Adding highlights and lowlights is a great way to update your look and to as well as for emphasizing your facial features better. If you want to polish your skills when it comes to hair coloring and to get wonderful highlights and lowlights at a fraction of the price you would pay at a professional salon try applying the highlights and lowlights yourself in the comfort of your own home with this quick guide.

When used together, highlighs and lowlights can add a great dimension and depth, boosting hair volume naturally at the same time. Highlights and lowlights are not only a practical way to chance your hairstyle but can also help you solve a common problem that might occur when it comes to hair coloring: choosing the wrong shade.

Highlights can be used together or separately to lighten or to darken the hair color depending on your preferences.
For a natural effect highlights and lowlights should be chosen about 2 tones lighter or darker than your current hair color. For a more dramatic change varying the shade with 4 or 5 tones will definitely give you the change you want.

Experimenting with creating highlights and lowlights at home is a great way to expand your knowledge when it comes to hair coloring and to save money while having fun in the process. Whether you are a beginner at the art of hair coloring or you already gained experience the following tips will serve as useful guidelines to help you get professional results in the comfort of your own home.

The preparatory stages are vital for the success of the hair coloring process. It's a well known fact that the hair should not be washed in the exact day when the hair coloring process takes place.

For best results the hair should be washed two days before coloring your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove the product buildup from your tresses. In this way the hair will be better protected and the pigments from the hair dye will adhere better.

When you shop for the hair highlighting kit make sure to look for protective gloves as well to protect your hands from the chemicals contained in the hair dye. Although the hair highlighting kit comes with brushes you can use for highlighting if you want to be able to get the most natural effect possible, it would be a good idea to look for brushes that have a width of no more than ¼ to ½ inches as these will give you more possibilities to control the end result.

Start mixing the hair color with the developer according to the instructions you can find on the color bottle. After the mixture is well blended, it's a good idea to color a thin strand of hair using the mixture to ensure that you will be satisfied the end result. This step is mandatory when you are making a more dramatic change to prevent hair disasters.

To begin the coloring process you will need to tear the foil 2-3 inches strips depending on how thick you want your highlights to be. Beginning at the top of the head place the foil underneath the foil underneath the strands of the hair brushing the color from the roots towards the ends very carefully.

Start from the bottom rather than at the top as it will be a lot easier to apply them this way. Applying layers on the top layer of the hair is a good idea especially if you are aiming to sun kissed effect. If you want to create lowlights as well make sure that you place the hair highlights and lowlights alternatively.

After leaving the color for as long as it is recommended on the box, remove the foils and wash your hair applying a rich conditioner to make sure that hair is properly nurtured after the chemical treatment it was subjected to.

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