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How to Boost Hair Volume

Creating volume is one of the easiest ways to add interest to a hairstyle and to make it appropriate for a variety of different occasions. Getting full, thick tresses is often a challenge, especially for certain hair types however, there are several options that can be tried to achieve the desired look. Check out a few simple methods to add a volume boost to your tresses.

Despite the great variety of styling products available on the market that claim helping us unbelievable hair volume, many of us still struggle with adding oomph to our tresses and creating daring hairstyles. Many times the secret for getting thick, full tresses does not rely necessarily on purchasing a miraculous product but instead on adopting a series of techniques and changing some of our styling habits. Sometimes seemingly unimportant things such as the haircuts we choose or the way we choose to blow-dry our hair are the things that have the biggest influence on how much volume we are able to get.

Our hair length is an important factor when it comes to creating the desired volume. While short tresses might make it hard to create additional volume long hairstyles are not highly recommended either due to the fact that creating volume becomes harder because of the additional weight long tresses carry. The easiest way to get a volume boost naturally is to opt for a medium layered hairstyle.

Layers can create natural volume without additional efforts being an effective style wise time saving solution. Make sure to choose the right layering style for your hair texture to be able to enjoy your new style for a long time. As an added benefit, layered hairstyles will draw attention to your facial features, framing the face at the same time.

Another choice that can add volume to your tresses almost effortlessly is to add highlights. Not only you will be able to create a more interesting hairstyle that will require little maintenance but you will also add dimension to your tresses optically creating the impression of additional volume. Those who have fine hair might also benefit from choosing undercut hairstyles as these will make the hair appear thicker.

The daily habits we have when it comes to styling our hair can also be improved in order to achieve a more impressive hairstyle. Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner is one of the easiest and most effective things we can do to create a good base that will allow us to get the boost we dream of. Compared to other types of shampoos these shampoos contain ingredients that lift the roots.

Next, you should pay attention to your blow drying technique to see if you need to make improvements in this area. A common advice is to blow dry your hair upside down to tap more volume. However this technique tends to create volume on the sides rather than at the top of the head, which tends to be a side effect most women would rather avoid.

Holding your hair strands in the as high as possible and blow dry your strands using a diffuser is a much better way to achieve the results you want. While this technique is more time consuming, you will have more control over the final result if you use this technique. If additional volume is needed you can always tease your hair using a rat tail comb. Working 2 or 3 inch sections at a time will deliver the best results.

However you can get more volume by choosing creating a few loose curls or creating a soft wavy hairstyle as well. Another option is perming your hair. While this option tends to be time saving hair stylists only recommend this method to those who really need to add body to their tresses and who are willing to spend a considerable amount of time blow drying their hair.

A quick yet slightly costlier solution are clip in extensions. These can provide an extra amount of volume when every other option fails to do so or when a more interesting and complex hairstyle is desired. Using a combination of these methods can quickly improve the way your tresses look . If you are committed to get a style boost these techniques are the best ideas you can use to achieve your goal.

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