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How to Get Instant Hair Volume

Are you tired of your flat, body-free hairstyle? If so, take glimpse at the following tips on how to add instant hair volume so your tresses can look amazing every time you go out!

It seems that hair volume plays a very important role in the beauty of a hairstyle and nowadays hair volume is the base for most hairstyles. We were not all born with thick, luscious, voluminous hair, so we have to learn how to get instant hair volume if we want to obtain a look that radiates beauty and style.
The cosmetic and hair styling industry has evolved greatly and this allowed a variety of new hair products and hairstyles to be developed, so one can achieve the desired look.

It is a well known fact that most women with flat, limp hair would do anything to give their tresses the right amount of hair volume as it helps create a healthy hair look, which everyone finds appealing. Healthy hair radiates beauty and can easily be styled as desired so the healthier your hair the easier it will be for you to add instant hair volume.
There are a variety of methods you can try to use to boost your hair volume, methods which have been developed over time and which truly work. From hair cutting to hair styling and product use, here are some tips to help you add instant hair volume to your tresses:

  • Turning towards a proper healthy diet should be the first thing to turn towards when deciding for a hair volume hairstyle as only healthy hair looks great and can be styled to obtain just the right amount of volume. A proper healthy diet can offer your hair the right nutrients the hair needs to grown healthy and strong so eat right and turn towards hair vitamins if you are not getting all the nutrients your hair needs through eating.

  • Turn towards hair products which help enhance hair volume, as these products are specifically designed to add more body to your hair. These products can really make a difference so try out different brands until you find a brand which suits your needs perfectly. We recommend the use of volumizing shampoo and conditioner together so your hair can look fabulous.

  • Another way to ensure your hair receives the right hair volume is by using a volumizing hair styling mousse which you will apply at the roots. The roots will be the ones which will give the hair its posture so this is the portion you need to concentrate over. Apply the mousse at the roots on your damp hair, flip your head down and direct the air flow from the blow dryer towards the roots. Use the cold air to avoid hair damage and once your hair is almost completely dry flip your hair up and continue blow drying the hair in the desired shape.

  • Another popular method of adding instant hair volume, a method which has been used for decades is to use a comb to tease the hair at the roots. This is an easy technique to learn and it can help you create the base for a variety of hair volume hairstyles which look fabulous. Keep in mind however that if the hair is teased roughly, you risk of damaging your tresses so be gentle and learn to master this technique. You can use a little bit of hairspray after you've teased the hair if you have very fine hair to ensure the hair volume will last longer.

  • Another great thing to do when it comes to adding instant hair volume is to use the hair crimping iron on the roots. This will prevent the roots from sticking close to your scalp and create that flat, limp hair look that you dislike so give this method a try and see if you like it. Keep in mind that you are using a heated styling tool so protect the hair using a heat protection spray and try not to get the crimper in contact with the scalp so you don't get burned!

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