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How to Go Brunette

Brunettes have always attracted attention as this type of hair color helps create an eye catching effect. Blonde and brunette hair color trends have always been competing for the most popular hair color and it seems to be a tie as both hair colors look fabulous. Find out how you can go brunette so you can experience the benefits of this lovely hair color.

How to go brunette has been a question that has crossed through most women's thoughts at one point as this particular hair color is surrounded by so much sex appeal. Brunettes manage to capture as much attention as blondes do as it is a hair color which stands out.
Brunette is a color which can be found naturally as well as created artificially through the use of hair color.

Brunette hair benefits

Brunette hair is not a hair color which can benefit all types of complexions as it is a hair color with a very powerful appearance. The dark coloration of brunette hair can complement women with fair skin tones and subtle tanned skin. These type of complexions can offer the exact amount of contrast needed to create a very attractive and pleasant look. The dark tone of the hair color will bring multiple benefits over a person's physical appearance as the color of the complexion and the color of the eyes will be highly emphasized. Brunette hair color works beautifully with green and blue eyes as they help give a more intense look to the iris.
There are a variety of celebrities who have decided that brunette is the new blonde and decided to change their hair color. Megan Fox, Katie Price, Fergie, Kat von D, Kim Kardashian are only a few celebrities which seem to love their brunette tresses.

How to go brunette

There are two options when it comes to going brunette and one of the most popular option is dying the hair using hair dye. Another solution for going brunette which actually can be considered a natural hair color is by using indigo plant to color the hair.

Hair dye
Hair dye has been and is the most popular method of dying the hair in the preferred color as there are a variety of shades available. Hair dye uses chemical ingredients which penetrate the hair shaft and insert the color. The color can last from a few days up to months depending on the type of hair color. Permanent hair color is the hair dye preferred by most women as it will not come out. The hair color will penetrate the hair shaft and remain there until chemically removed or by cutting the hair. Temporary hair color is a great solution for women who want to experiment with hair color before making the color permanent. Temporary hair color contains larger molecules which cannot penetrate the hair shaft. The molecules only adhere to the hair shaft and can easily be washed off.
There are a variety of hair color brads to choose from. Choose an ammonia free hair dye as this hair dye is less damaging on your hair.

Natural hair dye
Indigofera tinctoria, also called indigo or black henna is a natural product used to dye the hair. The process is similar to the one using henna but the result is a brunette hair color. The indigo paste made out of a mixture of indigo powder and water will be applied on the hair while making sure no drips are left to run down the skin as they will give the skin a gray coloration. Wipe any drips that fall down the skin using a towel that you will not use afterward as it will color as well. Allow the indigo paste to sit on the hair around 1 hour before rinsing the mixture off the hair. The color will receive it's brunette appearance about 2 days after the dying process.
This type of hair coloring is especially great for people who are allergic to chemical hair dye. Being a natural hair dye, Indigo will not damage the hair during the hair coloring process. You will thus have the benefits of the hair dye without the negative effects.

Choose the hair coloring process that suits your preferences best and enjoy your new gorgeous brunette tresses.

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