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Long Blunt Bangs Hair Styles 2011

Reveal your inner goddess with these stylish long blunt bangs hair styles 2011. Let the fine structure of your new do speak for your refined beauty sense. Pair the right bangs length to your face shape and make sure you us the best styling tricks to sport a polished and high class look for all events.

This time you'll have the privilege to feel like a real glamor puss using these insider tips. The most stylish long hair styles of the season come in endless variations from super-sleek to wavy and even curly hairdos you'll have the chance to sport your locks in the most stylish designs.

Consider your face shapes as well as the impression you wish to make and pick on of the following long blunt bangs hair styles 2011. Give an extra glam details to your tresses in the shape of a fringe that looks stunning and helps you juggle with the proportions of your face. This is the best moment to start your makeover and update your strands to the newest hair dressing tendencies. Sculpt your do with confidence and explore the endless styling alternative you'll have if you decide to grow out your bangs and trim it blunt and more geometrical.

by Berendowicz Kublin

by Essensuals

by Haarformer

by Gary Gill

  • If your original dream was to grow out your tresses to a generous length, there's no need to proceed the other way. Instead learn the best ways on how to sport super-long locks with style and attitude. The versatile bangs designs are some of the must have tricks to vamp up your appearance and add some finesse to your tresses. Adopt the right attitude and experiment with the different bangs styles and make sure you won't skip the texturized and statement bangs that can make you a real seductress. Use your charisma to pull off a unique look for the different events you with to attend and match the new look with your high street outfit. Take into consideration that blunt bangs depending on the their length will have a different impact on your features.

  • by Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks hair

    by Franck Provost

    by Wella

    by Saint Algue

  • Baby blunt bangs are perfect if you wish to add some lenght to your face shape. Those who long for sharp angles as they wish to balance out the effect given by their round face should definitely try their hand at blunt bangs trimmed to a shorter length. On the other hand if you're eager to shrink your face and enhance your features with fine and softer lines and shapes it's time to grow out those locks and sport an eyebrow-sweeping or even masking bangs design.Take a closer peek at the examples presented here and make these your chief source of inspiration for the next makeover. Let a pro hair stylist teach you how to sport your blunt bangs long hair style like a real style icon.

  • by Seanhanna

    by Keller Hair Company

    by The Fellowship For British Hair Coloring

    by Keller Hair Company

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