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Long Lasting Hair Color Tips

Hair coloring is one of easiest and most effective ways to instantly update a hairstyle and make it more interesting at the same time. However, after the initial excitement starts to wear off many women begin to discover that the new acquired vibrant color that enchanted them at the beginning slowly starts to fades with the passage of time. To maintain a shiny color for as long as possible it's necessary to learn a few strategies to ensure that our color remains intact.

Whether we choose to completely change the color of our hair or simply to add a few highlights to lighten our facial features the problem of fast fading color remains universal no matter if we opt for salon coloring or home hair coloring. In order to prevent the color from fading after a few weeks we must first understand how and why the color begins to fade so fast.

One of the main reasons why color seems to fade so quickly is the fact that the hair cuticle which is the protective layer of the hair becomes porous, making the hair dye less resistant. In the case of red hair color the problems seem to multiply more quickly due to the inferior quality of the coloring agents as well as due to the fact that the molecules are larger compared to other types of dies making it harder to preserve color.

Several external factors also contribute to the problem. Improper application, excessive hair washing, environmental factors are a just a few of the things that contribute to the problem. Our daily choices also have a determining influence when it comes to color resistance. That's why learning to make the best choices is one of the best things we can do.

  • The preparatory steps we take before coloring our hair are essential for creating a long lasting color. Using a clarifying shampoo as well as a rich conditioner two days before the hair coloring process will help the hair dye penetrate the hair follicle easier increasing the chances of getting the long lasting color that you desire.

  • Also, avoid shampooing your hair the day the new shade has been applied. After the process of coloring your tresses has already taken place the real challenge of maintaining the alluring hue begins.

  • The products you use for maintaining your locks healthy and clean are essential for your success. To maintain your dream color you might have to make a few substitutions in the hair products you normally use. Hair products mistakes is often the most underestimated problem that contributes to the color fading. Among the main substitutions that you should make to keep your hair color vibrant is replacing volumizing hair products with other techniques that have the same effect.

  • Clarifying shampoo and hairspray are also on the list of hair products that should be used scarcely for an optimal hair color protection. Instead, you should try to use hair products that are design to maintain the optimal hue you desire. Your best bet would be to choose a sulfate-free product that you should use no more than 3 times a week. Avoid washing your hair too often for best results.

  • Heat protection should be an essential part of your daily care regimen especially during the summer when the UV rays are more damaging to the hair than in any other season. Avoiding hot water and using hair products with a solar protection factor are two commands that should not be broken when trying to an optimal,vibrant color. Avoiding excessive use of heat based styling tools is also highly recommended.

  • A layered color look might prove to be a good solution if you tend to have problems with fading hair color despite religiously following all these advices. Aside from a better color protection you will also be able to benefit from a more interesting multidimensional hairstyle that will nicely compliment you giving an overall youthful and energetic appearance.

  • Aside from all these tips, the color care regimen should also include frequent hair dyeing. Highlighting the hair at regular intervals from 4 to 6 weeks can go a long way to ensure that the hair color looks just as fresh as in the day you originally colored your hair.

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