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Long Wavy Hairstyles Ideas

Wavy hairstyles are a popular choice both for formal events as well as for more casual occasions being a suitable option for all kinds of hair textures and for various types of length. Long hair offers a lot of versatility when it comes to styling allowing those who have long tresses to play with their imagination freely and to create awe inspiring hairstyles.

Wavy hairstyles are the perfect combination between the romantic touch that a curly hairstyle can provide and the edginess that straight hairstyles offer.

Whether you have naturally wavy hair or you take advantage of the modern styling techniques to get soft waves to perk up your look, a wavy hairstyle can be a practical choice as well. Waves can be a wonderful way to add natural volume to the hair without the use of additional hair products and to create dramatic layers that might have not been emphasized enough by the cutting technique used.

When it comes to styling, long hair offers the greatest level of versatility, offering the endless possibilities depending on the personality and on the level of creativity of each one of us. Those who are fans of beautiful low maintenance hairstyles can get a fashionable tousled look look with a minimum amount of effort.

To get soft and playful waves a couple of simple steps must be followed. The blow-drying technique is essential for getting the tousled look you desired. Make sure that you start the blow drying process from the bottom of the hair and move upward towards the crown for a maximum hair volume.

To speed up the process avoid blow drying your hair in the bathroom as the the steam will retain moisture doubling the time required for the process. Apply a touch of sea salt spray on the roots and then use a thermal protection spray and use medium sized hot rollers to get the soft curls you desire.

To create uneven curls for a more interesting look you can try to using hot rollers of different sizes. When the process is done, remove the hot rollers and apply a little hair spray for fixation and a touch of shine serum and you're done.

Loose wavy hairstyles are preferred by the majority of women not only due to the fact that loose waves are among the leading trends this year but also because this hair style allows them to emphasize their gorgeous locks in a variety of ways and to give the impression of effortless style and beauty. A wavy hairstyle might be simple to create but it's for from being simplistic.

With a couple of variations in the styling techniques a wavy hairstyle can be transformed into completely different styles. Those who are fans of the glamorous past decades can opt for alluring and symmetric waves which will emphasize their desire to achieve perfection when it comes to hair styling.

Those who would like to emphasize their romantic side will definitely like to perk up their look by creating a couple of dramatic waves to show their wonderful hair texture. Those who are bohemian by nature will definitely choose a coiffure that requires minimal styling and that is a faithful representation of their free spirit. On the other hand those who like to embrace the latest fashion trends will most likely choose a hairstyle that will allow them to use their artful styling skills the most by creating unique hair styles that will allow them to become trendsetters within their group.

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