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Long Hairstyles for 2011

Sporting the same look for years in a row might not turn out to be such a great idea as hairstyles trends change every season so you might end-up looking outdated! Be inventive with your hair and keep up with what's in and what's out, so you can look fabulously stylish in 2011. Long hairstyles are the must have in 2011 so find out how you can achieve a trendy long hairstyle look which suits your style perfectly!

Along time a variety of hairstyles have been developed but that doesn't mean that all styles can help you achieve that in-style look everyone is yearning for. To obtain the perfect trendy hairstyle you've dreamed of you need to keep up with the latest trends in hairstyles and select the style that suit you perfectly. Long hairstyles seem to be the hottest trend in 2011 when it comes to hair length. If you are looking for a fab long hairstyle in 2011 you need to ensure this hair length suits you and more importantly which cut would suit your face shape and style best.

The perfect hairstyle has to take into account a variety of characteristics such as face shape, personality, personal preference, hair type, etc. In 2011 long hairstyles are the must have and going long is no easy business but thankfully to the development of cool and high quality hair extensions, you can now instantly obtain the hair length you've dreamed of. However if you want to maintain a natural look, don't over-do-it by going from short to hip length. There has to be a perfect balance between your natural hair length and the hair length to be obtained through hair extensions so make sure not to go to extremes if you want the hair to look as natural as possible.

Hair by Rush

Hair by Karine Jackson

The right cut

If you want a trendy long hairstyle for 2011, you need to opt for layers or a blunt cut, depending on what cut suits you best. The haircut is the foundation to a beautiful look so if you have the wrong or a bad haircut you will not be able to achieve a fabulous looking hairstyle. Thus, turn towards the help of a hair stylist to determine what cut would you and your tresses benefit most from. Regardless of your choice you will be able to style your hair in a variety of ways as long hairstyles, as you probably know by now, offer the highest amount of versatility.

Bangs are also maintaining a top position when it comes to hairstyles changes as they can instantly help transform your look. Go for a blunt brow skimming bangs style, an asymmetric style bangs or side swept bangs, whatever style suits you best.

Hair by Lisa Shepherd

Hair by Cobella

Hair by Daniel Hersheson

Hair by Cobella

Styling long hair

Regardless of the haircut chosen you will be able to style your tresses in a variety of ways so you can always maintain a high interest towards your look. There are a variety of hair styling tools which will help you style your hair as following, since these hairstyles are highly popular: ponytail hairstyles, sleek straight hair, straight hair with twisted ends, curly hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, bun hairstyles, updo hairstyles as well braided ponytail hairstyles.
Be creative with your hair and experiment with different hair styles so you can always attract positive attention.

Hair by Rainbow Room

Hair by Bonce

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