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Medium Length Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Bob hairstyles are extremely popular due to the hairs low maintenance and fabulous style so check out the following medium length bob hairstyles so you can get inspired for your new look!

It seems that medium hairstyles appeal more to women due to the balance they offer between versatility and maintenance making them perfect hairstyles for different hair lengths. It is absolutely stunning how much a simple hairstyle can transform the look of a person so choosing the right hairstyle is crucial. There are a variety of medium length hairstyles to choose from, but there are a few which manage to stand out from the others such as medium length bob hairstyles.

Bob hairstyles are not actually new hairstyles, as they are vintage hairstyles which have been reinvented and reintroduced in the hairstyles trends due to their fabulous appearance as well as low maintenance style. It seems that medium length bob hairstyles can vary widely, as nowadays classic and edgy designs are in a constant battle to conquer the hearts of women with a variety of hair types and face shapes.

It is a well known fact that choosing the perfect hairstyle means taking a variety of factors into account such as hair type, hair lengths, face shape, facial features, etc. All these factors contribute greatly to the finished result so pay attention to details and you will most definitely make the right choice. However, choosing from such a vast variety of medium bob hairstyles can be difficult so we have selected some of the most adorable, stylish and popular medium bob hairstyles to inspire yourself from:

chin length bob

Layered chin length bob hairstyles
Layered chin length bob hairstyles are fabulous hairstyles which suit women with feminine facial features as the hair draws attention towards the face. The soft layers gently take the shape of the face, this is why not all face shapes can opt for this type of medium length bob. Women with an oval face shape should definitely go for this type of cut as long as the hair has a natural sleek straight look. Girls with curly tresses should avoid this type of cut as it will not be flattering for your hair type. If you are looking for a more interesting look, a look which will bring a little bit of a sexy edge to your layered bob, incorporate side swept bangs into your hairstyle and this way you will look outstanding, The bangs adding a whole new twist to your look.

blunt cut bob

Blunt cut medium length bob
Blunt cut hairstyles are edgy looking hairstyles with face framing properties which capture the attention similar to a magnet. It seems that this type of cut creates a perfectly nit look, a mysterious and sexy look which cannot however be an option for everyone. In order to obtain this type of bob you need to benefit from sleek straight hair as the hair's straight look will enhance the cut. Blunt cut bangs are very popular when it comes to this type of bangs so if your face shape and hair type can pull off this look, don't hesitate to get it.

soft layered bob

Soft layered medium bob
The soft layered medium bob hairstyle is one of the most versatile bob hairstyles of all as it suits most hair types, from curly to sleek straight. The bob is softly layered to remove some of the hairs weight and to give the hair a little bit of hair volume, as hair volume is definitely a must when it comes to bob hairstyles. Choose to incorporate bangs into your soft layered bob hairstyle if they suit your face shape and style the rest of your hair as you desire.

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