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Modern Formal Hair Styles 2011

Keep your festive look super polished and unique with these fabulous modern formal hair styles 2011. Prep for the faddish makeover and use these options as the best tool to break out of the shell and turn into a real seductress. Choose one of the easy-handle looks or ask the help of a pro hair stylist for the more complex and refined designs.

Whether you prepare for a glamorous or only semi-formal occasion it is important to devote special attention to your look. Festive hair styles vary according to their complexity, therefore some would require professional skills others can be easily created with the help of a few basic hair styling tools and products. Medium and super-long locks can be easily turned into your statement accessories when sculpted into these fabulous looks. The modern formal hair styles 2011 below will help you get a detailed insight into the quick development of contemporary hair styling. In order to have some inspiration it would be wise to skim through these hair styling alternatives and find the very do that complements your face shape and personality.

by Heidi Pfiffner

by Heidi Pfiffner

by Watkins Wright

by Patrick Cameron

  • These updo hair styles will definitely won't be overlooked if you decide to sport them for a special event. Honor the party or a more formal ceremony with a stylish updo. Go for the classy looks if you're fond of the fine lines and refined texture. On the other hand you also have the chance to experiment with the less polished and more alternative looks that are perfect for all occasions. Use the best hair styling products to secure the long-lasting glam effect of your do. Pin your locks to the side or create a cute and hyper-modern bow of your locks for a sight-grabbing effect. Side buns, top knots as well as simple updos will look dazzling when embedded into your party look.

  • by Kim Jones

    by Vanilla Room

    by Rainbow Room

    by Kim Jones

  • The hottest looks of the season appeal to the visual effect of twists and braids that look simply irresistible both when you decide to sport a chic updo or a half updo. Braid your bangs or the rest of your locks and pull off some of the most spectacular hair style designs envisioned by hair stylists. These examples will show you how versatile these formal hair styles can really be. The final result as well as the impression you'll create will depend on your preferences and creativity. Bring out your feminine and sensuous features with the help of a similar sophisticated and fairy-tale look.

  • by Neil Smith

    by Gemma Wilmot

    by Sharon Malcolm

    by Sharon Malcolm

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