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Natural Hair Coloring

Eliminating the chemical-based cosmetic products is the main aim of natural hair coloring. From the various permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes all contain some of the most important enemies of our strands. These often cause irreversible damages on the level of both scalp and follicles. Though some might refute the efficiency of natural ingredients that have the ability to lighten or darken our natural hair tone, millions think that it is worth experimenting with organic recipes to achieve the desired hair tone that complements our skin color and overall look.

Natural Hair Coloring Methods

Both modern and also ancient beauty care discovered the miraculous effect of different herbs, plants and other organic ingredients. Their aim was to use them in composition to improve the condition of skin, nails and even hair. With the development of technology some of the time-tested rituals faded and were gradually replaced by harsh and chemical-based substances and products that promised a more radical and quick effect. People decided to adopt these practices and forget about the effect of nature. Those who decided to turn back to natural remedies will have the chance to eliminate all the harmful and toxic agents from both their strands and organism. The key to restore the shine and smoothness of the color-treated hair is best done through the application of the following natural hair coloring techniques.

  • Sage:Many people struggle with the imminent signs of aging namely gray hair. Those who would like to put an end to this condition can appeal to the hair coloring quality of sage. As being one of the healthiest and most efficient herbs, it can cure severe illnesses.

    Moreover the secret weapon of this natural ingredient is not really to tint the hair but rather give back the natural hair color. Combined with other plants as chamomile especially for blondes and rosemary or beet juice for dark haired people, will miraculously give back the natural tone of your hair.

    Whether you use the actual herb or would choose to use sage powder the result will be equally smashing. Prepare a mixture of these ingredients and pour them into a bowl of water. Wait until it has a dark color then spray it to your hair and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Concentrate on the gray areas and make sure the lotion penetrates the scalp by massaging it.

  • Henna: This is one of the most popular natural hair coloring methods due to its easy-to-handle quality and efficiency. Besides its effect to change our hair tone this miraculous potion can also condition the hair and offer the strands the proper moisturizing for a shine and spotless look. Extracted from 'lawsonia inermis' a precious tiny tree that originating from Asia. In fact professional use the leaves of this plant to enhance the shade of reddish hair tone.

    Those who were blessed with blonde locks will find it more than efficient, since the contrast is best created when the henna is applied to a light hair tone. People who long for dark and more profound colors should choose henna as the ultimate means to be granted with a brand new and upgraded look. This ingredients can be found in specialized stores that offer other products for the body art industry. Since henna is 100% based on natural ingredients it will protect the health of both your scalp and hair follicles.

  • Lemon: Citric fruits are used both in alternative and traditional health care. Due to the multitude of anti-oxidants in lemon, scientists promote its endless benefits. Indeed this fruit has as natural bleaching ability both when it is applied to body hair as well as natural hair.

    Besides the various beneficial effects of hair problems, as dandruff, and other infections, lemon has be used mainly to lighten the strands.All you have to do is mix water and fresh lemon juice into a bowl and apply it with the help of a spray bottle to your strands. The key is to let the lotion dry on natural sunlight.

    This factor is of key importance for guaranteed effect. Finally rinse it off with lukewarm water and use a shampoo designed for your hair type and color. Include this ritual into your daily hair care routine to enhance the natural coloring effect.

  • Cranberry Juice: Those who have a natural and rare red hair color will be thrilled to find that there are several methods to enhance their natural hair tone. Moreover those who have blonde or brown hair can also benefit of the effect of this recipe. Cranberry juice when applied immediately after washing the hair with shampoo and conditioning will tint the strands with an alluring reddish shade. Before rinsing it off massage it into your scalp, repeat the ritual as many times as needed for the dazzling result. Don't underestimate the effect of this natural hair dye.

  • Natural hair coloring represents the past as well as the future of hair styling. Those who decided to go green will find these ideas, healthy herbs and plants life-saving. Revolutionizing our hair care routine is a must since we might expose our hair to harsh chemicals that launch a series of deterioration processes that might result even in hair loss.

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