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Natural Hair Straightening

Alternative methods to enjoy super-sleek strands include versatile natural hair straightening methods. These techniques require less effort to grant your with an overwhelming appearance and would prevent the formation of any hair problems. Hair straighteners are some of the basic accessories of a sophisticated hair styling kit still in cases the inappropriate or excessive use of these devices can generate a multitude of damages on the level of follicles. Consequently the best means to protect our locks from fizz and the unpleasant conditions is to experiment with these remedies.

Natural Hair Straightening Benefits

Hair stylist use flat irons with great confidence, however if you ask them whether it it is healthy to use them on a daily basis, the answer would be negative. In spite of the high quality hair styling tools it seems that the best treatment for our strands is to choose some natural remedies to keep our strands sleek and smooth. One of the main benefit of natural hair straightening methods is that these are both environment- as well as follicle-friendly.

Therefore you'll be able to offer the proper conditioning to your hair still have a dazzling hair style. Frizz can be also combated by these recipes due to the effect of natural ingredients on the texture of the strands as well as the scalp. Nowadays it is a common tendency to find professional alternatives for the ancient traditions and rituals that kept the look of people flawless. However why not turn back to basics and enjoy the long-lasting and blinding shine of the hair with a few useful trick.

Natural Hair Straightening Methods

Alternative natural home remedies offer us the chance to revolutionize our beauty care and choose the green way rather than stuffing our skin, hair and other body parts with chemical-based compositions. One of the main tricks to maintain the healthy look of our hair still exploit all the possibilities our hits density and length offers is to try out some of the sleek hair remedies based on organic and well-known ingredients that are available and common to everyone. Here are some of the alternatives to experiment with.

  • Milk and Honey: It's not surprising that milk and honey has a miraculous effect on our strands, since these two ingredients are also frequently used in skin and body care. The nourishing effect of the common elements is also praised by hair gurus who use it as one of the natural hair straightening remedies.

    All you have to do pour milk into a cup, then add a tsp of honey and finally mash some strawberries that will perfectly complement the thick and smooth paste. Carefully apply the mixture to your strands, covering all sections. Leave it on for at least 2 hours and finally rinse it off with the ideal shampoo designed for your hair types and use a brush to gently detangle the locks.

  • Hot Oil Treatments: One of the most appreciated and promoted hair conditioning recipe is the hot oil treatment. These have a smashing effect both on healthy and chemical-treated as well as frizzy hair. Moreover similar methods are used even to remove the accumulated hair product layer that will prevent the follicles from healthy breathing and would create a 'bad hair day' look to our strands.

    First and foremost warm the natural vegetable oil preferably olive into a large bowl. Part your hair into different section in order to ease the application process. Pour the oil to the strands and cover them with a towel.Leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes, this is the ideal period to guarantee the desired result. Finally wash it off with shampoo and repeat the session on a weekly or monthly basis if necessary.

  • Coconut Milk:Though some might doubt about the efficiency of natural hair straightening methods, it is a fact that some of these ingredients are used also by producers of hair products to prevent frizz and keep strands sleek and shiny. Therefore why not appeal to the organic power of the natural ingredients.Coconut milk is another remedy used to keep away curls from our strands. The miraculous recipe is the following: take a glass of coconut milk and mix it with the juice of a whole lemon.

  • Stir the lotion and leave it to chill down preferably in cold places or in the refrigerator. Meanwhile it will turn into a thick and fine paste that can be easily applied to the strands.Apply it to your locks and make sure each section is properly covered. Finally place a towel over the whole head carefully including all strands.

    Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off with shampoo. Use a high quality comb to separate the wet strands, include this tiny ritual into your hair care routine, practice it before washing your hair until you'll notice the visible improvement of the texture of your locks.

  • Milk: Raw milk has also several beneficial effect on our hair. Some would drink it others would apply it to their hair to enjoy the oh-so-fab appearance of soft and sleek locks. Being one of the most simple and well-known recipes, all you have to do is to pour 1/3 cup of milk into a bottle and make sure it has a pump dispenser.

    Cleanse your strands from the build-up produced by hair styling products and use a conditioner that would properly moisturize your strands. Spray the milk to your hair and leave it to have it effect for at least 20 minutes. When the time is up, wash it off with pure water, use a comb to detangle the hair which will secure its straight condition.

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