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Nutrition and Hair Loss

A link between nutrition and hair loss has been established by scientists for many years now. Find out how to prevent or stop hair loss by ensuring a healthy eating diet. This is the best and healthiest way to deal with nutritional based hair loss.

Hair loss is a factor which affects both men and women at a certain point in life as it can be triggered by a variety of factors like stress, malnutrition, hair damage as well as different medical problems.

One of the most common factors which related to hair loss is nutrition. The hair, just like our organism needs the right amount of essential vitamins to maintain it's healthy aspect. Due to the revolutionary food industry growth and the introduction or fast food and inorganic food additives, receiving the right amount of healthy essential vitamins becomes more and more difficult. In a world where processed food dominates the food industry, people are starting to feel the effects of unhealthy eating. Obesity, hair loss and health problems can all be attributed to unhealthy eating so nutrition is very important.

Organic and cooked food maintains all the essential vitamins necessary for our organism to function properly. All the vitamins necessary for healthy hair and organism are contained in different food groups which should be apart of our daily diet. A deficiency of the vitamins necessary for healthy hair can trigger hair loss and last until a balance is restored. The essential vitamins necessary for healthy hair are: vitamin B, D, E as well as zinc, iron, biotin, magnesium and calcium.

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Because nutrition can improve the quality of the hair and stop hair loss try to consume the following foods which are known for their benefits:

  • Whole grains aid hair loss ad they contain a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. They increase the level of absorption of iron by the organism and contribute with vitamin B, E magnesium and zinc to the daily recommended dose of essential vitamins

  • Salmon and low fat fish are a great source of protein, vitamin B, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Salmon is known for the health benefits and benefits over the health of the hair, this is why fish oil is usually consumed to aid hair loss

  • Green vegetables contain high amounts of calcium, iron and vitamins that aid hair loss as well as ensure a proper function of the organism. Spinach, broccoli, Swiss chard, Brussels sprout and many more others should be a part of your daily diet plan

  • Raw nuts are excellent as hair loss aid as they help the formation of sebum which protects the scalp. Nuts contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and zinc. A zinc deficiency can easily trigger hair loss so make sure to include raw nuts in your diet

  • Fruits are very important as they contain high amounts of vitamins. They are not only delicious, they can aid your health as well so try to include at least one or two fruits in your daily eating plan

  • Eat right and your hair will be able to restore it's natural beauty and health. Only healthy hair can look beautiful and stylish with any type of hairstyle so try to prevent hair loss by eating right.

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