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Popular Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are popular hairstyles for formal as well as casual occasions so check out the following updo hairstyles ideas so you can inspire yourself and look fabulous every single time!

Women have always tried their best to experiment with different hairstyles as hair plays a very important role in the way we present yourself, contributing greatly to beauty as well as style. There are a variety of hairstyles available to choose from simple to sophisticated, depending on preference. One of the most popular hairstyles that suit both casual and formal occasions are updo hairstyles, category which includes a variety of stylish hairstyles perfect for medium as well as long hair.

Choosing a popular updo hairstyle is not easy as so many styles can be created this is why it is essential to pay attention to small details which can make a huge difference such as hair type, personality, face shape, facial features, etc. All these details can make the difference between a fabulous look and a hairstyle disaster. To make your choice easier we have selected some of the most popular updo hairstyles which suit different occasions and preferences.

Which updo hairstyles to choose?

Depending on your hair type, hair styling time and personal preference, choose one of the following popular updo hairstyles as they are gorgeous and can help you look stunning for different events:

loose updohalf updo

Loose updo hairstyles
Loose updo hairstyles are unbelievably hot hairstyles which suit different occasions, from formal to casual due to their simple, loose style. Simplicity has always been related to elegance and style so this type of hairstyle can offer you that simple look which makes you stand out. A look which states “fabulous without trying” the loose updo collaborates well with curly, wavy as well as crimped hair, making the result truly wonderful. Gather the hair up loosely and secure it using a hair elastic. The remaining hair being pinned close to the scalp to obtain the finished result. Hair accessories can give the loose updo a boost in glamor so if you are looking for a more formal look, add a hair jewelry to your updo.

Half updo hairstyles
The half updo manages to turn heads due to the amazing look it helps create. With its ability to reveal the face as well as to soften the facial features, half updo hairstyles offer a perfect solution for casual as well as formal occasions. This type of updo looks best on curly or wavy hairstyles as the hairs texture will enhance the beauty and style of the hair. To create a half updo hairstyle one needs to part the hair into two, starting from one side of the head towards the other and secure the hair using a hair elastic or a hair accessory. Create the half updo slightly on the side and sweep your loose hair on the same side to create a lovely romantic look.

Bun hairstyles
The bun is one of the hairstyles which will guarantee you look fabulous as the bun is a timeless hairstyle which will always look appropriate. There are a variety of bun styles to choose from depending on personal preference and occasion. For more casual occasions you can go for messy buns or ballerina bun hairstyles while for more formal events you can choose sleek straight buns, big bun hairstyles, sophisticated bun hairstyles, etc as they all look great.

Formal updos
These type of updos are perfect for formal occasions which require a certain elegant attire. There are a variety of formal updos to choose from the popular chignon to sophisticated updos. Choose the style that suits you best and experiment with classic updos as well as more sophisticated modern designs.

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