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Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna has amazed the world with her gorgeous fashion style, hairstyles and music. A young woman with a powerful character, Rihanna managed to demonstrate that femininity can be underlined through funky short hairstyles just as well as through long hairstyles. Find out Rihanna's hairstyle evolution so you can decide which style works best for you.

Rihanna became one of the most popular singers of the moment and so did Rihanna hairstyles, as her incredibly unique style managed to capture everyone's attention. Her alternative hairstyle choices made Rihanna one of the biggest celebrity hairstyle trendsetters of today.

Rihanna's hairstyle evolution
Most celebrities love to make constant changes when it comes to their hairstyles and that is understandable. They have the best hairstylists available so making changes can only be fun. It takes a lot of courage though to make drastic changes especially for celebrities as even the tiniest change is immortalized on the internet and on different publications. This puts a lot of pressure over celebrities but it seems that sometimes taking chances can absolutely change your life.

Long hairstyles
Rihanna began her career as a talented singer with a lovely appearance and a cute long luscious hairstyle, but this made her have a very common appearance. Long hairstyles are indeed very feminine but it seems that this hairstyle was the hairstyle that most celebrities adopted.
This hair length can easily be achieved using hair extensions if you don't have the patience to grow out your hair naturally like Rihanna. Using the right hairstyling tools one can achieve incredible hairstyles straight, wavy or curly just as Rihanna managed to.

Bob hairstyles
Rihanna decided to make a drastic change to her appearance and went for a bob haircut. The bob haircut she chose looked absolutely amazing. An asymmetrical bob shorter on one side and longer on the other looked absolutely breath taking. Sleek straight tresses emphasized the style of the cut and made Rihanna stand out of the crowd. Her next move was creating brow skimming bangs which gorgeously framed her face. Her bob hairstyle was copycatted by women around the world as it looked absolutely fabulous.

RihannaRihanna bobRihannaRihanna versatile cut

Short versatile haircuts
Along with a style change musically and well as fashion wise, Rihanna decided to go even shorter and people went crazy for her courageous outstanding look. With a powerful amount of confidence Rihanna shocked her fans. A pixie haircut featuring long side swept choppy bangs made her look fabulous. Her hairstyles since then suffered numerous transformations as her cuts allow her to style her hair differently every time she feels like. Longer hair cut on top and buzz cut hair cut on the sides create Rihanna's latest hairstyle. Retro or punk, Rihanna's new hairstyle makes her a true hairstyle icon worth being a muse for every woman who has her confidence. She managed to underline that femininity can be expressed through different styles and people love every bit of her confidence and style.

Rihanna's hair color
Rihanna manages to surprise even at this chapter as she has changed her hair color almost as often as her hairstyles. The colors Rihanna chose to suit and emphasize her gorgeous hairstyles fall in the natural and go from blonde shades to brunette to brunette. From chocolate brown, auburn to black and strawberry blonde, Rihanna looked stunning with all hair colors.
Her most recent hair color is strawberry blonde featuring a brunette hair color on the short hair craeted on the side of her head. Experimenting with hair color can only be successful especially when a professional creates the hair colors to suit your complexion.

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