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Spring Hair Care

Spring is the season of rejuvenation when we can celebrate the rebirth of nature, the blooming trees and colorful gardens. Spring is also the time when our hair is dry, frizzy and dehydrated after a harsh, cold winter period. If you want to learn more about how to treat your rampant locks we have prepared you some great spring hair care tips.

In these months our hair has to regain its vitality that was lost during the cold winter season. Spring generally brings many additional problems for any hair type. Once the cold season is over, you should start to condition your hair and repair the damages caused by the winter weather conditions.

In springtime you usually feel that you have completely lost control over your unruly tresses. However, proper hair care can restore the hair’s natural moisture content and its healthy aspect, bringing back the gloss and the flexibility into your locks. Read on to find out what are those factors that take a toll on your hair in spring and how to fight against them in order to have shiny, healthy locks!

  • Wind

    Spring weather is very changeable. The sudden alternations of temperature and the windy weather, which are so characteristic to this season, leave their marks on your hair as well. Rough winds can do terrible flyaways and serious damages to your hair.
    One of the most frequently met problems in spring is nasty split ends. If your hair is coarse by nature, then your problems can get even worse because wind can hold onto these rough cuticles. Split ends now wreak havoc on women’s hair and the most efficient way to get rid of them is to get regular haircuts. In windy weather you can opt for some stylish and really practical hair accessories like headbands, hair clips and you can wear your hair in ponytails and chic braids as well. In order to get your unruly locks under control, buy hair care products that are designed especially for frizzy hair.

  • Humid Weather

    The humidity that follows a dry winter season does nothing good to your hair. No wonder your hair is flat and lifeless. A hair like this will show resistance to any insistent effort of styling, leaving you look dull and boring. Usually straight hair suffers the most, however regardless of the texture of the hair, this is definitely not the right season for marvelous hairstyles. If your hair is straight, but is prone to curling up in humid weather, add loose waves to your hairstyle and bring a touch of glam to your look.
    Spice up your flat, limp hair by applying a hair thickening cream to towel-dried hair that will give you naturally thick, sensual locks.
    These hair care products will also facilitate an easier maintenance.
    If you have curly hair, fight against the spring humidity with a hairdo that nicely embraces your waves.

  • Higher Temperatures

    Heat is another triggering factor for your hair. Once the cold winter season is over, spring usually comes with higher temperatures and much hotter air temperatures than in the previous months. You hair is not used to this sudden change, therefore the protective cuticles of the hair will break apart thus resulting in split ends and breakages. The color of your hair becomes dull and lusterless. However, you can easily fight the heat by using the cool function on your hair dryer right before you finish blow-drying your hair. This is a very useful tip because cold air acts as a sealant, closing down the cuticles thus maintaining the moisture inside your hair. For this reason opt for a negative ionic hairdryer with tourmaline, which will give your hair the much-needed gloss, making it healthier and more controllable.

  • Hydration and Moisture

    April and May weather bring perpetually changing moisture levels. Spring is the season of rains so your hair also has to deal with increased humidity and higher moisture content in the air. Brittle, dry, frizzy hair hungers for moisture and tries to get moisture from the air. In order to fix these frizz problems try to stay away from blow-drying your hair. You can use a towel instead, in order to dry your hair naturally, but avoid rubbing your hair, as it may cause further breakage and damages. Hair static can be calmed with conditioners that enhance the moisture level of the hair cuticles. Anti-frizz serums are also wonderful choices to revive your problematic tresses. Use them regularly, whenever your hair needs a little extra help in order to obtain a healthy, fabulous and glossy hair.

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