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Statement Hair Color Ideas

Statement hairstyles are absolutely wonderful as they help enhance individuality and style. Find out which are the most popular statement hair colors so you can look fabulously stylish with your new colored hair.

Hair color is a great way to improve the look of your hairstyle and there are a variety of hair color hues to choose from. Hair color plays an important role if style as well as beauty as the right hair color for the complexion can enhance beauty and style while the wrong hair color can obtain the exact opposite effect.

Statement hair color ideas are not for everyone as this type of hair color ideas are only for confident people who love to attract attention through their uniqueness and style. These hair color ideas are perfect for men as well as women, although mostly women turn statement hair colors.

What is statement hair color?

Statement hair color differentiates itself from natural hair colors like brunette, blonde, brown and natural red through its vivid coloration. The hair dyes which help create these statement hair colors contain pigments which have a vivid unnatural coloration. There are a variety of hair dye shades available to choose from but there are a few which capture most people's attention. These shades are the most popular statement hair color shades and they come in a variety of hues from dark to light depending on personal style and skin complexion.
Hairstyles and hair color trends change every year and since not all people have the same preferences, a variety of hair dye colors are available to choose from.

Statement hair color ideas

There are a variety of statement hair colors available to choose from but there are a few that capture attention through their warm and powerful coloration. Here are some popular statement hair color ideas you can choose from so you can look fabulously stylish every time:

Fire red hair color
Red hair color varies widely but the fire red hairstyles stand out the most. This type of hair color has such a warm and vivid coloration, making it a perfect hair color for people with a fair skin complexion due to the balance it offers the complexion. To achieve this type of hair color it is best to turn to a professional to obtain the perfect shade for you as obtaining the right red coloration requires a little bit of skill and hair color knowledge.

red hairred hair

Violet hair color
Violet or purple hair color is one of the trendies hair color shades you can choose from as its warmth works with different types of complexions. Perfect to enhance all the hair or just the tips, violet can be the perfect stylish statement hair color for you. There are a variety of violet hues to choose from so make sure to choose according to your complexion and preference.

violet hairviolet

Citrus hair color
This type of hair color hues are absolutely lovely as well as eye catching. These statement hair colors are not for everyone as their vivid and unusual coloration acts as a magnet for the eyes. You can choose orange shades and well as lemony-yellow hues as they look adorable and perfect for women who are not afraid of attracting attention.

lemon yelloworange hair

Keep in mind that healthy hairstyles are the only ones that can work with statement hair colors as it is not a great idea to attract attention towards damaged hair. Pay attention to hair care and maintain your hair color using hair color protection products to prolong the gorgeousness of your hair's statement color.

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