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Stylish Hair Color Ideas 2011

Create a sultry, upgraded look using the hottest hair color hues of the year, so you can be admired for your incredibly seductive appearance. Take a peek at the hottest hair color trends and select the perfect option for you!

The new trends have been set and as far as hair color goes your options are quite vast. In 2011 the new trend is to keep things natural but that doesn't mean you can't go for an edgier look also. If you're ready to upgrade your look, take a peek at the following stylish hair color ideas for 2011, as these colors look amazing and will definitely help you achieve a “head turning look”.

There are a variety of hair dye hues available on the market but that doesn't mean they are all suitable for you. Fashion trends, skin tone, eye color as well as style play a determining role when it comes to the selection of a suitable hair color, so if you're searching for a stylish hair color that will boost your natural beauty as well as confidence level make sure you pay attention to your choice.

Hair by Trevor Sorbie

Hair by Scott Smurthwaite

Hair by Alexander Hair and Beauty

Hair by Joanne O

Since naturalness is highly praised obviously the four basic natural hair shades such as black, blonde, brown and red are in. These shades look amazing and you cannot go wrong with one of these shades and there are so many hues to select from, just so your skin tone is perfectly balanced by the hair color.
The most popular hue in 2011 is brown; rich brown tones which give the skin a warm, sun-kissed look that underlines seductiveness and femininity perfectly. However not everyone can sport a brown hair color whether it's light or dark, and this is where blonde, black and red shades come in. Blonde is definitely timeless and will always stand out. Black hair has a certain mysterious allure attached which captures attention while red hair is a perfect option to underline an edgy personality.
Choose which hair color suits your skin tone best and turn towards a professional hair colorist's help for best results.

Hair by Marc Antoni

Hair by D&J Ambrose

Hair by Rush

Hair by Marc Leeson

Women who are not all into a simple hair color don't have to fear they won't look trendy as hair highlights are always hot. However the hair highlight color and style might take your hair out of the “hot” zone, so choose carefully. This year the hair highlights can either look bold or subtle depending on the look you're trying to achieve. Women who wish to adopt a softer highlighted hair look have to go for hair highlights which are only one or two shades lighter than the base hair color. This way the look obtained have a warmer note to it. On the opposite, if bold, eye catching is your style you need to turn towards vivid colored highlights which compliment your base hair color. Try to opt for panel hair colors rather than the traditional uniformly thick highlights or opt for different width highlights. The most popular hair color combos are:pink and blonde, brown and blonde, purple and blonde, red and black, black and blonde, black and orange, blonde and orange, etc.

Once you're reached the perfect hair color for your it is best to ensure the hair is maintained in a healthy condition. A permanent hair color will permanently remove that natural protective hair layer, leaving the hair prone to dryness and damage. Keep the hair shiny, vivid and soft using hair color protective products, so you can have a 4 to 6 weeks of fabulous hair color.

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