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Stylish Updo Hairstyles 2011

The new hairstyles trends have brought a variety of inspirational new 'dos to the surface so check them out and reinvent your style. Hairstyles can completely transform your look so opt for the stylish updo style that suits your personality best and there are a myriad out there and they are all fabulous.

Ever season hairstyles trends change to ensure a harmonious balance between the fashion trends and the hairstyle worn, as a trendy look is all about balance. Choosing to follow a style pattern can only bring you benefits so keep up with what's in and what's old news, to ensure you are constantly sporting the latest looks. Some of the most popular hairstyles, a definite must have of the season, are updo hairstyles, so get ready to experiment with some of the most stylish updo hairstyles in 2011, so you can definitely make heads turn.

Hairstyles do contribute greatly to your physical appearance and style, so try to take advantage of the versatility in hair styling and experiment with different looks, to ensure you're always adopting a different new and fresh look that defines you. Choosing from the myriad of hairstyles available is definitely not easy, so to simplify things we have put together a popular selection of stylish updos which have been seen rocking the runways and the red carpet events:

Oscar de la Renta


The ballerina bun

The “Black Swan” style has taken the hair styling world by storm as everyone who features this hair length wants to sport this super-quick and fabulous updo: the ballerina bun. Ballerina buns look amazing and can give you a certain elegant look that can be obtained in minutes and with a minimum amount of skill. From stylish creations which sit boldly on top of the head to low, sleek buns, the ballerina bun style offer you plenty of choices. Twist the hair back, braid the ponytail and then wrap it around the base before pinning it neatly or boost the hair volume and opt for a fluffy bun.



The vintage twist

Vintage hairstyles have been increasing in popularity and since updos have made a huge comeback, vintage 'dos couldn't have been overlooked. These hairstyles are a magnet what it comes to attracting attention and are fairly easy to create. All you need is the right hair styling tools and a little bit of patience. Start by paring the hair in two and twist the hair on the sides to create a look similar to vintage victory rolls, only more subtle. Do the same for both sides and join the twists at the nape of the neck. Secure the hair using a hair elastic creating a ponytail. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the base of the pony pinning it in place until you obtain a stylish bun. This look is hot and can be created on all hair textures from sleek straight to curly, the result obtained being equally fabulous.

Jason Wu

Nanette Lepore

Casual updos

Casual updo hairstyles look amazing and can definitely help you obtain that oh-so-fabulous look that makes a difference. Sporting your hair loose is now not your only option, you can turn your attention towards cute and stylish updos. Create a side ponytail and ping half of the ponytail up, under its base for a flirty, spiced-up look or add stylish braids to your fab updo. Hair accessories can too help give your look a boost of style so select the ones that suit your style best.

Updo hairstyles are an ideal way of keeping your hair stylish and off your neck during the hot summer days so experiment with different styles and you'll definitely capture all the attention.

Photos courtesy of elle.com

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