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Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

Getting ready for summer can be sometimes a real challenge. Fashion trends are not the only things we need to take into consideration. Beautiful hair, a healthy skin, sexy and clean feet are also important elements that will never go out of fashion regardless the season. Still, for summer they need special attention as are permanently exposed to harmful external factors such as sun rays, pollution and dust. Here are some summer beauty tips and tricks that will help you spend a relaxing vacation.

Regardless the place you are spending your summer vacation, you should always have with you all the beauty products you need in order to take care of your skin, hair and nails. Here are some of the most important tips and tricks for you, which will help you spend a beautiful and relaxing summer.


During the hot summer days, we all have certain restraints when it comes to makeup. We want to let the skin breath, but we also feel like hiding unwanted imperfections. Foundation is the main product we need to use during summer.
It protects the skin against external, dangerous factors such as pollution and UV rays. Still, choose a fluid, moisturizing one with SPF, and don't forget to match it to your skin tone. If you want to hide large pores, choose a foundation with maximum coverage.
Summer means fresh and natural look. Therefore, you should avoid using too much makeup. Try to emphasize your eyelashes, cheekbones and lips. Use a waterproof mascara and moisturizing lipsticks. If you are looking for a more intense makeup, use colorful eyeliners and emphasize the eyes.

In order to fix your makeup, use thermal water sprays, which you can use after applying makeup. Also, if you want to fix your makeup, a powder can help you achieve this. Mineral makeup products that are transfer resistant are very useful if you want to go at the beach or at the pool.


For summer, your beauty kit should contain hair products that contain fruit extracts, vitamins and special nutrients that fortify your hair and take care of the scalp.
If you want to stop humidity, choose an anti-frizzy hair product that will help you smooth hair. If you want to prevent its dryness, apply moisturizing masks. Also, before going to the beach, spray an oil with UV filter, and in the evening rinse your hair using a shampoo specially made for moisturizing after staying in the sun, and apply a regenerating and nourishing mask.

Use henna if you want to keep your hair from decolorizing. Try a treatment with neutral henna that darkens your hair and allows you to protect it during the summer. If you want to dye your hair during the summer, choose a natural, oil-based and ammonia-free dying.

Summer is all about protection. Therefore, during the day, wear hats or scarves that will protect your hair against harmful sun rays. Moreover, they add a stylish touch to your outfit. Also, use oil-based products that protect the hair.

Skin and body

Your summer beauty kit should necessarily contain all the face creams you normally use. Choose moisturizing creams based on your skin type, and make sure they don't have an oily texture. Don't forget to have a cleansing lotion, a toner, a day cream and a night one, as well as a serum for eye contour and a thermal water spray. Also, a moisturizing lip balm is essential. For your body, a nourishing milk, and exfoliating cream, a shower gel and a sunscreen.

After staying in the sun, taking a shower is mandatory. Use a refreshing gel with peppermint, cucumber and yogurt, and then moisturize the skin using a body lotion.


Having a great and clean pedicure is a total must-have regardless any fashion trend. In order to have beautiful legs, you should start by taking care of your nails.

Choose a nail file based on the type of nails. Therefore, if you have normal nails try a cardboard file that you can use in order to get a nice result in just a few minutes. On the other hand, if you have sensitive nails, that tend to exfoliate, choose a delicate, crystal nail file.
If you want to protect your nails while applying polish, don't forget to first use a protection basis before the nail polish. As a final step apply a finishing polish that will give extra resistance to the nail polish.

Avoid cutting your cuticles as they represent an important barrier against germs. Also, make sure you hydrate them using a special oil for cuticles.
Don't forget about the heels, as they also need to be moisturized and taken care of. Apply a special cream after every shower in order to smooth and protect this area. Every week, exfoliate your feet and cuticles, then use a special file or ponce rock for the heels. Apply a moisturizing cream after.

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