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Tips for Shiny Hair

Women who consider their tresses one of their best features are often concerned with getting a healthy shine. Although the process of getting radiant tresses is not easy certain steps, if taken on a regular basis can ensure success. Discover how to design a daily ritual that will help you get the radiant locks you dream of.

If we are to analyze the associations that clever marketing techniques have created, then most us would probably conclude that the best indicator when it comes to the health of tresses. After all, a nice glow is considered to be the sign that our tresses are well nourished. However for the average woman getting this type of result can be quite difficult despite of the fact that the market abounds in products that promise to help us get the ultimate sexy glow.

Getting shine hair is more of a process than anything else. While choosing the best types of products for your hair definitely helps to a certain extent, getting the best results is only possible if we tackle the problem from multiple points of view.

  • Choosing the best type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as well as the problems you might be facing and an adequate conditioner for your needs is often the best place to start being. After you've covered the fundamentals, you should take a step further and analyze your styling products as well.

  • Although there are several products on the market that promise to help you get that healthy glow you look for you should know that each type of product is best suited for a certain hair type or hair texture. For instance coarse hair can receive a shine boost from a well chosen pomade while those with a normal hair type will benefit most from choosing shine enhancing creams or hair gels.
    Those who struggle with fine hair are better of choosing a lightweight hairspray which will help them get a natural finish as well as creating a subtle impression of thickness.

  • Even though using a variety of styling product might seem like the fastest way to get a natural sheen as well as a polished look it is important to know that using several styling products on a daily basis might actually keep you from achieving the result you want. First of all many styling products available nowadays contain a certain amount of alcohol that dries the hair making it harder to achieve a healthy sheen. Moreover, most styling products coat to the hair shaft and weigh down the hair which is detrimental because it makes it makes it harder to get a natural volume boost.

  • One should not neglect the power that simple, inexpensive home remedies can have on the way our tresses look. Natural, homemade hair masks are an excellent choice for weekly shine boosting treatments. Unlike hot oil treatments which can cause scalp burns when applied incorrectly, homemade mask are virtually risk free.

    Hair masks such as olive oil and honey mask (2 tbs honey + 1/3 cup olive oil) or an egg and yogurt mask kept on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes can be a good idea. Rinsing the hair with diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar is also a wise idea.

  • Following a few other common sense rules will also help you get closer to your goal. For instance washing your hair every other day will not strip the natural oils from your hair helping you maintain a healthy sheen easier. Also, since the healthier the hair the better the chances of getting a healthy shine, limiting the use of heat based styling tools or at least using a high quality thermal protection spray every single time is a mandatory step. Also the importance of getting regular trims should not be neglected as the hair tends to become dull and damaged otherwise regardless of how expensive the hair products you use are.

  • Last but not least it should be kept in mind that a healthy diet is equally important when you want to get shiny tresses naturally. Vitamins fro m the B complex and biotin are two key nutrients that contribute to a strong healthy hair so boosting your intake of these nutrients either through diet or supplements is another idea worth taking into account.

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