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Trendy Ways to Wear Your Hair Up in 2011

There are a myriad of amazing hair styles out there to choose from but that doesn't ensure you'll adopt a look that matches the criteria of the new trends set. To ensure you make the right choice, take a peek at the following trendy updo hairstyles and experiment as often as you can, so you can make heads turn wherever you go!

The secret to a fabulous and stylish appearance doesn't stand only behind a cool and trendy fashionable outfit but a stylish hairstyle as well. There are a myriad of hair styles out there to choose from but that doesn't meant they all suit the current fashion trends. Since nothing is more annoying than having your hair stick to your neck in the summer heat, it bets to learn some trendy ways to wear your hair up in 2011, just to make sure you don't step out of the diva-zone.

Women with medium to long tresses enjoy the possibility to play around and experiment with a myriad of stylish dos but spending hours in front of the mirror is just something that doesn't appeal to most women. For this reason, quick and easy updo hairstyles have been developed, hairstyles which will make you look amazing while still saving some of that precious time you usually assign to styling. Choosing right is not easy, so to make things work a bit faster for you we have put together some cool and trendy ways to wear your hair up in 2011, hairstyles which are uber-popular this season and which suit most women.



Jill Sanders

Luca Luca

Sleek hairstyles look amazing and can most definitely make the best out of your facial features, as sleeked-up hairstyles accentuate heavily this area. Stylish neatly twisted or stacked buns that rest on top of the head, cute centered high ponytails as well as low buns, twisted chignons and vintage updos look amazing. Give these updos a try but not without making sure you've got a little bit of hair gel (or wax) and some bobby pins ready as they are absolutely necessary to achieve the look.

Francesco Hair

Michael Barnes Hair

KH Hair

Jean Louis David Hair

Braided updos are definitely stylish and help create a certain bohemian allure that attracts attention. There are numerous hair braiding techniques which you can turn towards to, techniques which can make a delight of your locks. Try a simple braided ponytail, braid your ponytail and wrap it around the base for a cool braided bun, braid a side ponytail, create a milk-maid style braid, or opt for a cool side braid updo that joins in the back for a stylish simplistic bun.
Let your imagination run wild and you'll definitely be the center of attention.

Ponytail hairstyles look amazing and can pose as the easiest way to a trendy look. The best thing about ponytails is that they can be created on all hair textures and still look great. This effortless look will help you get out of a bad hair day so style your hair in a sleek high centered ponytail, a low ponytail as well as style your hair into a side ponytail and you'll look great.


Angels Hair

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