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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham also known as Posh Spice has manged to surprise everyone with a drastic change in style. Her hairstyle and fashion choices dazzled and amazed with their gorgeousness and good taste. Find out all about Victoria Beckham's hairstyle evolution.

Celebrity hairstyles have always attracted attention and Victoria Beckham hairstyles have attracted a generous amount of attention due to the versatility and extreme length changes performed during the past couple of years.

Victoria Beckham's hairstyle evolution

Long hairstyles has been the hairstyle that Posh Spice was usually seen with. Her feminine long hairstyles featuring wavy ends looked hot and attractive, and inspired women around the world. Breezy luscious long tresses have always been one of the most popular hairstyles chosen by women, whether through hair extensions or naturally. Victoria Beckham has opted several times for hair extensions as this is one of he easiest and quickest ways to obtaining instant hair length.

Bob hairstyles seem to look absolutely fabulous on Victoria as this type of hairstyle helps emphasize her gorgeous facial features. Victoria is very feminine and bob hairstyles look adorable. Victoria Beckham's asymmetrical bob became known worldwide and was recognized as the “Pob”. Women went crazy for this type of hairstyle and started copycatting Victoria. The bob remained one of the most popular trends for several months until several celebrities featuring bob hairstyles, including Victoria decided to kick it up a notch and go even shorter.

Pixie hairstyles made Victoria look absolutely stunning. She has never been seen wearing her tresses as short and shocked everyone with her trendy new pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle seemed to suit Victoria's style even better than her previous hairstyles. Her feminine facial features matched perfectly the unique style of the pixie haircut and women soon fell in love with short, pixie cuts.
Her hairstyle made headlines and it comes to no surprise why. A hairstyle with an attitude and plenty of femininity, Victoria's pixie helped women worldwide feel more confident about themselves.

Nowadays Victoria Beckham has decided it's time for a change and has started to grow out her hair. She can be seen with a very feminine choppy bob hairstyle. This type of hairstyle looks great styled straight, curly or wavy. Wavy hair gives the hairstyle more volume and texture so using the right hair styling tools one can achieve unbelievable results.

Victoria long hairVictoria bobVictoria pixieVictoria choppy bob

Victoria Beckham's hair color
Receiving the right hair color is very important and it seems that Victoria has always managed to inspire with her hair color choices. She turns towards the help of the best hairstylists and uses only the best hair products available to create lovely hairstyles that suit her style perfectly.
Victoria Beckham has experimented with different hair colors but she never went too bold. She always stayed in the natural zone choosing only blonde and brown shades.

Currently Victoria's Beckham hair color is back to her natural shade which is dark brown. Her dark brown tresses matches her complexion perfectly and enhances her gorgeous eyes. Natural looking hair color is still one of the top preferences of Victoria and we can see why.

Because Victoria has a very interesting style, we can expect her to make a drastic change to her appearance at any time, but no matter what her next hairstyle choice will be, one thing is for certain, it will most likely be a new trend, as she has been a hairstyle trendsetter for years now.

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