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Wedding Updos

Choosing the most fabulous and radiating wedding updo is a real challenge especially if we are rookies in the hair styling art. Looking for the perfect inspiration is the first step towards overwhelming success. Ladies who are keen to add class and a refined groove to their strands will find the latest formal hairstyles more than alluring and stimulating to copycat. Long, medium or short crops look oh-so-fab paired with the right hair accessories and styled in fabulous buns, twists and braided hairdos. Skim through the spectacular array of wedding updos to be the queen of the day both if you are the main attraction or a guest.

Popular Wedding Updos

Finding the right combination of color and hair style is the secret to furnish our entourage with a memorable visual experience. Long loose waves tied into a relaxed and Boho-style hairdo can have the same mesmerizing result as a classy and well-defined French twist, polished to perfection. Pair your eye-popping dress with a similar hair style and turn your entree into a real event both for yourself and the public. The modern and also the time-tested hair designs can be worn both by brides, bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride especially when matched with natural or artificial hair accessories as a flower or a dazzling hairpiece. These are some of the most prominent wedding updos.

Classic Bun

Classic-movies-inspired buns are among the most popular wedding hair styles due to their sophisticated and nostalgic allure. Ladies who want to go for sure will opt for the traditional, side- or low-bun hairdo which managed to recruit millions of fans all over the world. Stealing the secrets of celebrity hair styles as well as drawing some inspiration from other useful hair style pictures is a 'must' in order to decide upon the tiny details of the look as well as hair accessories. Buns radiate femininity and noblesse done simply by wrapping the ponytail around its base and securing it with a few bobby pins. Be it tousled or gently and perfectly smooth it will look miraculous paired with our formal outfit.

Side buns conquered the world of socialites and the red carpet with their romantic and mod look. Though often decorated with braids or tiny twists all bare the signs of the old time and ageless hairdo. Choose the parting with great care whether you are confident to wear middle parting or would rather go for the 'side-effect', keep your facial features in mind when dressing your strands in the desired look. Perk up the average design with a fresh flower or a hair piece that will immediately attract the attention to the hair style, furnishing it with a tint of elegance.

French Twist

One of the most popular hair styles both in the case of Proms, Homecoming and even weddings, the French twists seems to find its way among the top requested updos both in the case of prominent personalities as well as the great public. The class it radiates outnumbers all the ultra-modern hairdos and maintains its beauty effect. Indeed used rather in the case of those who were blessed with long cascading or medium-length hair, the twist is created with an easy-to-handle technique similarly to traditional buns.

Elongating the face and adding a special flair to our appearance, French twists as their name reveals aim to bring back the sophisticated chic of modern French ladies. Whether you fix the ends of the strands to the head or would rather leave it loose will determine the nature of your hairstyle. Wedding updos crown this hairstyle with the title of 'most wanted'.


Though often enlisted in the category of buns, professionals seem to devote this particular hairdo a special column that offers all the important details and tricks on how to perfect the styling of the strands. Perfect both for those who are keen to sport super-sleek hair as well as for the curls. This universal quality is given by the creative techniques to prepare a similar hairdo. The relaxed look and the tousled effect make it the perfect choice for both formal and semi-formal events. Those who are keen to popularize an ageless still versatile hairstyle are welcomed to try out both the ballerina style chignon as well as the more artistic and high brow looks.

Braided Updos

Eager to explore the fabulous art of braid especially when you prepare for a special day? Braids of all kinds from the classy milkmaid braids and the oh-so-popular French braids embedded into stylish buns and other updos, all rule the red carpet and both beach and special weddings. Plan the pattern of these groovy accessories before contacting a professional hair stylist.

From the complex to the simple designs all will decorate your hairdo with a modern tint. Braids are the ultimate 'must have' accessories that pop up in the top list of most searched-for hairdos when it comes of special events as weddings. Let yourself be guided by the styles that complement your facial features.

Messy Updos

Bride-to-bes or special guests who are keen to explore a more relaxed hairdo can try out the wide array of messy updos designed by professionals. These, despite their loose and tousled look can still rise to the importance of the event. Further upgraded with natural flowers or a stylish tiara, all will offer the same overwhelming effect.

Both short, medium and long hair can be turned into a real masterpiece with the help of a curling iron if longing for volume or a straightening one which will provide the strands with refinement. Skim through the selection of wedding messy updos for some inspiration.

Finger Waves

Finger waves echo the nostalgic atmosphere of the 'Flapper era'. Indeed as being one of the most popular hairdos of the '40s and on, this technique seemed to rise from its ashes and mesmerize both average people as well as style icons marching on the red carpet.

The preparation of the harmonious and fab waves can be done within a few easy-to-handle steps with the use of a curling iron or only our fingers. As the name denotes the strands follow the pattern of waves and are fixed to the head with stylish bobby pins or the proper hair styling tools and products. Retro-style rules modern day weddings with its old time class and allure.

Stylish wedding hairstyle galleries offer brides as well as guests the chance to shine and overwhelm the public with their appearance. The length as well as the density and color of of the hair can serve as the main guidelines to decide upon our most flattering hairdo choice. From the classic buns to the more refined and up-to-date braided hairstyles all provide us with a multitude of styling options. Look through the wide range of hair dressing techniques and tips in order to be aware of the infinite possibilities to flash your style-consciousness and the beauty and health of your locks.

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